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AMC movie theaters


No special rewards are given. The icon lights up from far away you get to the movie theater and there is nothing. Please fix this

Movie theatre award? Incubators?
AMC event - no incubator
AMC incubator Not appearing!

So I heard they are at specific movie theatres in USA what about Canada is there free incubators at our movie cinamas ??


I got a T Rex at mine…worked for me


I just started playing on Sunday. Got a decent amount of dinosaurs but this AMC epic incubator is def EPIC! They gave me tons of stuff like a massive amount points for my Raptor, a Spinosaurpus and more stuff. I recommend finding one…going to go to another after work


I’m checking my local theatres but I’m in Calgary Alberta Canada ours theatres are different going now to one of the two got my fingers crossed also is this available one time or at every location or same one every so often ?


I believe it is also supposed to be happening at walmarts but perhaps not on the same day
And I got 200+ trex DNA out of mine plus 20 indominus red DNA along with bunch of other stuff
My question is are you allowed more then one a day? If you can find another


Walmart was a free spin no incubators it was terrible but I’m in Calgary ab Canada might be different then USA . I’m checking our cinamas now hoping I’ll get a incubator free


Not all of the walmarts will have it and ik for sure today is amc theater but both chains do not have one of these incubators at all locations


Going to check another around 6 pm hope they have it since its Times Sq NYC


Nothing at our cinimas in Calgary Alberta Canada !! This sucks not fair long way for me to get nothing lmao hopefully we get notices for this in email or something real timez


I went to three different amc theaters today and only one gave me the incubator. Any word on if it is a one time thing or what?


I’m curious as to whether it’s available after hours. The closest AMC to me is further than Walmart and I have to work tonight. Any word on the cooldown time?


I was gonna go to another AMC also but was wondering about the full details like how often and different theater location or one and done


I have an AMC theater a few miles from my house. Went there and spun but I think maybe it’s not one of the selected AMC theaters? The big AMC thing on the map says it’s nearly 2 hours away. If that’s the case, I’d recommend not doing that. It’s like salt in the wound every time I turn the game on seeing something so far away that it’s pointless.


I love seeing this: having a box 100 miles away.


Herndon, Virginia AMC is valid.


The AMC incubator is one per account. They explained it on Facebook.


Theres NO AMC theater in Europe

Why we in rest of world never get some great offer like that


Has it been determined if I can go to TWO different AMC theaters and get the rewards again? I did one yesterday, as I work less than 5 miles from one, and I can do a diff theater that is only 30 minutes from my house…


Saw the movie last night, well worth it even without an incubator here in the UK.