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Amount of DNA required for new hybrids

I’be noticed that the new hybrids do not follow the same pattern of amount of DNA required to create.

Is this an error?

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Phorusrhacos is at 500 as normal, but Maiasaura takes 500 dna, and the hybrid itself takes 100. Ludia has done the glitch once again -_-


Indo G2 requires 250 instead of 200 too. :angry:

Our team has been notified, thank you for reporting this, everyone!

I’m so upset I was fusing with the 500 dna and not noticing! I wasted all my Maiasaura dna! Ugh


No again… :frowning:


I had like 4K, now none! I didn’t even notice until it was too late. Thanks Lydia!


damn i’m in the same boat. Just wasted a ton of maiasaura

Glad i caught it. I don’t have much maiasaura.

so if we’ve already fused indoraptor gen 2… what do we do about it taking 250 instead of 200 like it should have been?


I am affected with the new phosphorus hybrid and levelled to 15

I hope we’ll be getting some Mia DNA when this glitch is fixed!




I realized the 500 Maiasaura bug only after I did 2 fusions and it said I didn’t have enough DNA. Hopefully there will be a way to get back the 900 I shouldn’t have used.

that happened to me too. not very happy, considering i had a chance at getting it to, but lost it because of this bug

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Same here! I lost a ton of maiasaura

I barely had enough Miasaura to make the hybrid before I fused, but after one fusion, I realised my mistake

Please… I really would like my DNA back…

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Does anyone know indominus rex is?

And there goes all my maia dna lol

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It happened to me too. I didn’t realize until after I had unlocked it :frowning:
I am so mad that I lost 1000s of Maiasaura DNA because of a bug. I really hope they give everyone the DNA back that they lost.

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