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Amount of epic Dna per fuse on legendary Rajakylosaurus?


So I am doing my math to see if I can create Rajakylosaurus, I have Rajasauro at lev 13 with 522 dna and Anchilosauro at lev 14 with 528 dna.

My calculations is


Can you please confirm me Rajakylosaurus costs 50 epic Rajasauro and 50 epic Anchilosauro per each fusing, and I need 300 Rajakylosaurus dna to unlock her?


Rajasaurus and Ankylosaurus need to be level 15 (just got mine there) then to fuse Rajakylosaurus you need 50 each of Rajasaurus and Ankylosaurus. 200 to create.


looks like it’s only 50 hey


I have both at lvl 15 already started fusing rajakylo…been there for more then 2 weaks :unamused:
Both spawnw on my area but raja is way way rarest then anky
I droped arena to get the chance to get more raja dna on incubators


Average of 20 DNA created per fuse means if both are at lvl 15 you will need at least 500 DNA each(10 fuses) to create legendary


Slightly more optimistic than average of 20, but prepare yourself 550 should be the safest


Thanks to all for the reply! @PQC @Aaron_Norris @Rctuga @Beast @TeaRekz

Yes I was wondering the same thing. I lived in local zone 4 and I saw maybe one or two Rajasauro after the big update -.-
If I am still stuck on 36xx when the tournament is about to end, I will do it.

Prepare y’all in Nublar jungle to see my current team (to lazy to swicth on my B or C team :sweat_smile: ) keep swapping dinos if I need to loose to stuck there or using my best moves when I need to win to integrate the 4 incubators :star_struck:


“On average” 500 each maybe, not at least. Technically it’s at least 100DNA but the chances of that would be like winning Lotto. My last Legendaries have taken 750DNA to fuse as I’ve gotten 10 after 10 after 10.
Once I have them though I seem to get big numbers more regularly.