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Amphibian Strategy

I am looking to bolster my blue team since it is lacking compared to the other three. I have the 2 level 20 metriaphodons and segnosuchuss propping up my pterosaurs and herbivores and am wondering what the best strategy would be for amphibians since they don’t have a glass cannon type hybrid. My ferocity level is level 10 indoraptor. I am currently hatching a bunch of gorgosaurus to enable the Gorgosuchus.

Is my time and resources best spent on Ostaposarus or Gorgosuchcus, and at what level?

Gorgosuchus level 20’s, when you have enough of them you can go to level 30 and it will be below the level 10 Indoraptor but the cool down on the level 30 is more than a day.


What about Diplosuchus, or is even the level 40 too weak compared to the Indoraptor?

I have a couple Lev 30 Diplosuchus, so they definitely play into it, but those take time to accumulate more than anything else.