An Abrupt Ending

Elizabeth/Nicholas’ latest date ended abruptly. Hopefully, this isn’t where they pause the story. :weary:

I hope it’s not like Susan/Brett, Aesha/Samantha, Jasmin/Kayla, Julia/Jamie/Seth, Sage/Vitoria/Emerson

Susan/Brett and Jamie/Julia/Seth’s cliffhangers were so big I don’t think I could cope with another massive cliffhanger. At least not until one of them has been resolved. :weary:

I don’t remember Aesha/Samantha, Jasmin/Kayla, or Sage/Vitoria/Emerson’s cliffhangers to be that big

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I really hope not. I can’t wait that long to find out what happens after that abrupt ending.

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Gotta take this complaint to the email. This forum isn’t the place to address that

Dr.vile’s ending was so abrupt to and in the worst cliffhanger. I’m in agony waiting for him to come back!!