An actual incentive to do raids

So a bunch of my friends were playing a game that I will not name so most of us keep our sanity. They were yelling a lot about punch cards, and then it hit me.

What if raids had punchcards?

The way this would work is that for each raid you complete that day, it gets punched into the card. If you do every raid that day, you get a reward (I’m thinking coins). If you clear all raids that day, then you get a grand prize at the end of the week.

This would work likes this. For every raid you complete, it adds a multiplier, and at the end of the day, you get coins x the multipliers you earn. Every raid would have a multiplier of 1 EXCEPT Apex raids which would have 2. You then get a 1x multiplier that adds on to the grand prize at the end of the week IF AND ONLY IF you clear that day.

Prize wise I think it could go like this:

Monday: 5k coins x multiplier

Tuesday: 5k coins x multiplier

Wednesday: 5k coins x multiplier

Thursday: 5k coins x multiplier

Grand Total: 10k coins x multiplier

All in all, you could get 125k coins, which is well worth it. These would reset every week.

So what do you guys think


May have to lower the amount of coins from 5k, but this seems like a pretty good idea.


Or maybe just have raids give you a decent reward in the first place? Cash? Boosts? Coins? Something!

But at the same time, I’ll take any reason to actually participate in more raids, so I like the gist of your proposal.


Love it. I desperately need Coin and the raid rewards other than the specific creature Dna is atrocious.


I didn’t exactly know where to start so I just trued something that would interest all players

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Outside of Apex raids (and even then I’ve been forgetting some), I don’t even participate in raids anymore. I can never find the one I’m looking for since the latest update.

We definitely need more incentives to do raids. Current rewards are garbage for the time/effort required of most.


Yes please! Some coins in the minion incub would be great.

and maybe a higher chance for the emote