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An All Out Attack Team

Encountered these guys today - check out all that yellow!

Here’s the rest of the squad:

Kinda nutty that someone with that many boosts is in the Library.
I guess they’re there as a result of the recent trophy reset.


Presses F

There is a similar team in the gyro/beaches.

They can be difficult to battle because of the yellow attack. Would be even scarier in the right hands.


I thought that was Dimok at first, but no Erlidom.

I’m imagining this with erlidom, indom gen 2, mammolania, phorasaura, gemini, maxima, indo gen 2, and entelomoth, and it ain’t pretty


Thyla would like to know your location


Now thats a lot of attack boosts. As for why he isnt higher, all that attack dmg isnt going to help you if you are always striking second. Now, I can respect it on things like thor and maxima, but stegodeus? Oh well, everyone play as they like I guess!

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Perfect example of how boosts ruin the game. Team without boosts would be super average.

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Was able to beat it thanks to a combination of speed and maneuverability.
Loading that many boosts into one stat type just leads to an unbalanced team. They basically had to rely on a stun or a dodge not working - not the greatest use of boosts if your strategy revolves around sitting back and praying for good RNG.

Kind of a shame that that max attack DracoceRATops isn’t as scary is once was.