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An alliance for London and UK players


I decided to pick up the game a few days ago after having initially played at launch but had given up due to the game being almost unplayable. A lot’s changed, but judging from the forum, i couldn’t have picked a worse time to return apparently. Anyway, i’ve been wanting to start an alliance to play with others from the UK, but i think it’s still too early to do so (Currently level 6, verging on 700 trophies). If i did, would any of you be willing to join? Or if not, accept me into an alliance?


I’m part of a UK based Alliance called JWA UK and we would be more than happy to welcome you in. We’re a good friendly bunch, and we’re love to have you and help you with your DNA.


That would be awesome, thank you! It’s red and blue stripes with a white raptor emblem right? If so, i’ve requested. What’s your in-game user? :slight_smile:

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That is correct, I am BlackLobster. :slight_smile:

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My request to join was turned down :frowning: Could you let them know? IGN is FightSongAsh, although I should probably change it.

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Well. The name suggests otherwise but Virginia USA.
We have free room and most of us are UK. We’re gunna change the name! (I’m the leader and trust me, I’m UK!) :stuck_out_tongue:


User is now JWAsh


Thanks! I’ll wait on this but add you in the meantime

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