An alternative to Mortem's Alert Fatal strike

To be honest, Mortem didn’t really need changing to begin with but what it got in 2.11 was an unnecessary nerf. Instead of Alert fatal strike being its no cooldown, I made it so it’s basically cleansing impact while secure and rending takedown while threatened. I nerfed roar a bit to make it Mortems no cooldown attack again. Now roar is basically a combination of persistent ferocious strike and group defense shattering strike. Yeah it seems pretty strong at first, but then again so is Mortem having a no cooldown rending takedown while threatened.


Cleansing impact should have been changed to killer instinct or something like critical impact but that pierces armor. Then roar could have been amended to the roar from turn 1 of round 2. So a group shattering strike with cleansing. It would have been a much better version of mortem rex. Better against resilient, worse against cunning but giving it still a chance against compsocaulus or forcing them to run more health boosts.


They should have simply replaced cleansing impact for something like ferocious strike or ferocious impact in my opinion


The mortem change is fine.
Shouldn’t even have a cleanse to begin with, cunnings should counter it not get 1 shot by it.
The only thing that needs fixing is the attack buff that activates after the hit.
Mortem is more nitro focused now but most people will wait for a reset.

The mortem change ruined it, the only people that are happy with it are those that have weak spyxes that can’t tank a hit.