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An alternative to the up and down balancing

I’ve was actually thinking about ways Ludia could handle its biggest issue of continuing to bring revenue in for a while now and last night the idea of borrowing “sunsetting” from Destiny 2 could work here as well. If you don’t know sunsetting is a new thing where weapons your earn in any given season have a life spawn of three seasons which a season is roughly 90 days…

Taken this idea and applying it to the game and each 3 patch cycle features a different collection of Hybrids and their components… make it a tighter experience with hunting mostly compromising these components during that period… strikes and events can be a mix of current, past, and future Dino’s. Weekly alliance rewards could be used exclusively for past Dino’s. Cycles are a mix of old Dino’s and new Dino’s introduced during the past 3 patches.

It would be a pretty drastic change… Ludia would have to speed up both the leveling process and boost acquisition for this shorter lifespan process. At the end of a cycle process players can choose between storing their used boosts on the Dino’s cycling out or having a refund… I don’t think 100% but maybe 70-75%. Now Dino’s would cycle in and out and you’d never really know so stashing them might be the best bet.

For extra revenue Ludia could have a cycle pass for 20 bucks that would run the duration of each patch in the cycle and allow for faster earning of dna and boosts.their would be a free tier with lesser rewards. VIP would actually still be more valuable because wild spawn Dino’s would be components of meta relevant Dino’s.

We could get rid of exclusive Dino’s to since the whole point of the cycles is to earn its dna effeciently. I think Ludia adds enough new Dino’s per patch that 3 patches is enough they could have an impact on their cycle.

This would be a pretty drastic change but at the same time we would know what to expect. We wouldn’t have to worry if Gemini is reign at the top is gonna last as long indo g2 or as short as Max’s recent 1 patch and done. It would turn the game to more of a “race” then a marathon… but I feel the current marathon we’re running keeps changing directions and we never know when the rug will be pulled out. And when our Dino’s cycle out they don’t become useless… they can be used in strikes… certain tournaments, raids.