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An Apeal for Ludia's Next Update


What I’m about to say it’s not new, but it’s from the greatest importance for us, players, from you, Ludia.
In the next update (1.7), I realy don’t mind to don’t have new dinos, new functions, new tournaments, new stuff.
All WE, players, ask you is to


Tired of disapearing dinos right before clicking them, with no reason;
Tired of losing battles because there’s no attack icons;
Tired of battles where dinos just stop doing anything (with no connection issues at all);
Tired of unfair pairings vs +5 level dinos;
Tired of deranking players;
Tired of alliance chat bugs;
Tired of friendly battle pairings bugs;
Tired of 10’s streaks in DNA fusions (especialy in unique fusions);
Tired of RNG not doing what is supposed to do (evading everytime/never or crit everytime/never)
Tired of Owen telling me what to do;
Tired of spending money in a game where we just get new content, insted of fixing the actual one we have!!

And the list goes on…

Please Ludia, just PLEASE, fix your game! The players deserve it!


I agree with you on this.

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Heck yes! We don’t need more content they just need to fix the content already available! Maybe an epic spawn buff back up to 1.3 levels to make the game fun to actually explore and find things that give progress to end game teams rather than non stop useless DNA, but apart from that do some bug fixes only for 1.7 for the love of the game to increase rather than fizzle out!!!


I want a complete game rebalance, this current meta of having only ~20 viable dinosaurs is literally cancer and needs to be burnt to the ground.


Why are we getting new dinos that we even can’t find?

I mean, I play in arena 4200+ and haven’t seen anyone using Darwin hyrbrids lengendary or uniqs.

Myself haven’t even found 1 of the dinos since last update.

That MUST be wrong?