An Apex and Unique Rework

Custom Creatures thread is getting a little too long in the tooth so I’d thought I’d make a new thread just to get some opinions.

I’ve posted some of these before, but just to get some opinions on them I’ll post them again.

For Ankylos Lux I figured it should have something in place of Swap Prevention Resistance for the heck of it, though not that it actually needs Stun Resistance anyway.

Ref is by and large fine, but I do think a slight nerf to its’ health and a change up to Super Distraction would benefit it. Edit: Changed its counter to Nullifying Counter and its Resistances.

Haast got a nice buff two updates ago, but it really needs another one tbh.

I know that only a few have Imperatosuchus unlocked already, but to be honest it really needs a huge rework, like now, before it becomes a much bigger problem and more threads get posted calling for a nerf.

Mortem is arguably perfect as is, but I think an additional, very small buff could benefit it as a long term PvP creature

Similarly, both Hadros and Cera could benefit from a slight buff I feel. Something that would at least make them more powerful and much more relevant again, but not the dominant monsters they once were.

Edit: Forgot about Gorgotrebax.

Like Mortem, I do think it could benefit from a slight buff (in fact, probably moreso than Mortem as it is now tbh)

Hydra Boa actually could benefit from a change to its Resistances and Impact ability


Nice reworks

I would like to see Trebax tho

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You know, I honestly forgot about Bax :rofl:

One sec

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Hydra and Vas too?

Hydra is perfect as is tbh, and I can’t really think of what Vas could benefit from or what it needs nerfed (especially since most of the time when I go up against it, it loses just as often as it wins).

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What hydra needs is it’s class it’s better being a wild card

(That almost doesn’t do anything to the creature)

Alright, so the basic idea for them all works.

Hadros beats Cera, Haast, Gorgo, and Ref 100%, but loses to Imperatosuchus and Mortem 100%. Hydra it either beats or gets a mutual takedown.

Cera should be similar to Hadros for wins and losses. Against Hydra though it either loses or has a mutual takedown.

Haast, Gorgo, Ref and Hydra should all beat Imperatosuchus and Mortem, but specifically:

  1. Haast beats Ref but loses to Gorgo.
  2. Ref beats Gorgo but loses to Haast.
  3. Gorgo beats Haast but loses to Ref.

Hydra is 50/50 on pretty much everything else.

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I actually did think of something that it could benefit from

Bad is awesome and I like apexes too I have done every I’m perstosuchus raid and never got 20 or lower and it’s about to be maxed

He believed that the Apexis must be one of the best creatures in the game, but considering that not everyone can obtain them, so much benefit is not negative, and I am going to make 2 precisions, Refrenantem does not need more benefits than it already has, it should even lose the bleeding, and Mortem Rex is already fine with the priority move they gave him, which for me is too much, but ta.

Can we post our own Reworks here?

I really like the Hadros and the gorgo changes but the others seem unnecessary really, maybe the Cera buff is good but the other 5 don’t need a change.
The first 4 apex’s need to be more on par with the new ones, with the acception of Morty who’s in a good place currently

No, this was just to post my own thoughts on them and to get opinions on them.

Hey dude ho

Anky Lux change: Looks decent. I wouldnt give it stun Immunity, just 50%, but otherwise it’s fine.

Ref Changes: 4500 is a bit too little of a nerf, I’d say revert it back to 4200, and I do think that 75% stun chance on SD is a bit much, I’d lower it down to 50%. For the counter, I’d trade it not for NC, but instead VC, adding on 50% distraction and pin as well. Cautious On Escape is fine, doesnt really fit it’s theme of just distract everything, but it helps. I’d put Rend down to 50% though, 75% should only be on Gorgo. I know it’s on others but I would like those decreased somewhat and have Gorgo be unique there. 75% bleed is fine though.

Haast Changes: PS is discount SD. I’d say 1: Have it be a 2 turn cooldown. 2: Let the speed increase last for 2 turns, and Crit Increase by 30% instead of 20%. 3: Remove the DoT and Attack. This lets it be more unique from Ref. Talons is way too much for a counter attack with this high of damage tbh. Personally I’d just remove it. If you really want a counter attack, I’d say do something similar to Persistent Counter, but instead with Speed. Divebomb is cool, but I’d get rid of the Nullify All part. With the resistances, I’d make Distraction back down to 75%, Rend to 50%, and the rest is fine.

Imperato Changes: I agree with most of these. Though Bask having a 3 turn cooldown may hurt it. Unsure though. Also I’d add back the rend resistance it had of 33%. That really didnt hurt it.

Mortem Changes: OED is nice, but revert the resistances back to the old ones. They are fine.

Ceramag Changes: I like these changes.

Hadros: Maybe Group Precise Decelerating Impact and change it the counter back to MRCA.

Gorgotrebax Changes: Speed Increase is good, and COE is decent. I’d also put GID down to 1 turn of cooldown.

Hydra changes: It’s called Precise Cunning Impact, yet it’s Group Cunning Impact but with a cooldown. Somewhat confusing. And revert the Rend and Bleed back to 50%. Though Stun immune is fine.

I like the Trebax, Mortem, and Hydra Boa reworks. Hydros’ counter is fine as it, other than that it’s great. Magnus can lose the 2 new resistances and instead get its 30% armor and 1.5k attack back. Imperatosuchus is nice. Haast can loose the divebomb, talons, and extra resistances (way too broken.) Ref is already strong enough, no need for the nullifying counter and Cautious On Escape. Ankylos Lux shouldn’t have a stun res at all.

I think the only 2 apexs that need full reworks are magnus and haast max.
Magnus needs to be more stun themed (anky lux has better stunning potential)
For Haast max, please remove piercing screech from the game :joy: worst 3 cooldown move in the game, would rather have precise distracting impact.

Loved it!
I was also thinking about creating a thread like this, even tho I’m not active in the forum (but I am in game and Discord).

Morty with that devouring would be aweeeesome! Awesome! And so many players would benefit from that!
Your Hadros redo was just about what I would do too! I really think Hadros needs a cleanse group attack and heal on escape. I mean, isn’t it obvious? I thought exact the same.

But, I think Magnus needs a better buff. I know it’s an old one, but c’mon it’s an apex. Should still perform as apex. Maybe a slight buff on damage and HP.

Your Haast is fairly well done too, and I’m not a fan of our eagles :sweat_smile:

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Magnus should be like it was before the nerf but with a low crit chance and decelerating impact instead of accelerating strike.

Yeah but Group Accel is much more useful