An Apex and Unique Rework

Weirdly the apex croc is a fierce that has resilient abilities. (vul and delec) and delec is the biggest cause it’s “weakness” is pose to be cunnings. It’s delec should go but the vul is fine.

In hindsight I mostly agree. But vulnerability should really be a Resilient thing too.


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Yes but it was problematic because it allowed Magnus to kill fierce easily before the nerf.

Give it stun immunity cause it’s pretty annoying to get stunned by ankylo lux

Make it immune to distraction if it doesn’t have a rampage big hit

Death roll good I guess but still

Referantum is very unbalanced even with its nerf for the stun removal to its super distraction still makes this apex top tier, sooo i fixed it I think this would make it more balanced with the meta

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If they removed the dot from super distraction it would be balanced.

Just remove the bleed,lower the cooldown and don’t touch resistance

Ankylos Lux

No change currently needed


No change currently needed


1500 Dmg, 15% Crit, Acute Stun=Greater Stunning Impact


Speed 123, Cautious Impact=Cautious Alert.

Haast Maximus

1650 Dmg, Ravenous Rampage=Ravenous Revenge, Feathered Flap Counter, 75% DoT, 100% Swap Preventation

Hadros Lux

1400 Dmg, Decelerating Impact=Group Decelerating Impact, Superior Counter-Attack added, Vulnerable resistance=100%

Hydra Boa

Critical Chance 30=20.


4350 HP, Fierce Decelerating Strike=Fierce Strike, Death Roll breaks shields, Bask Delay 1, Vulnerability Rampage=Piercing Rampage, 75% Stun Resistance.

Mortem Rex

Fierce Rampage=Fierce Devouring Rampage, Fierce Impact=Delayed Cleansing Impact, added Fierce Strike On-Escape.


Cunning Rampage=Group Cunning Rampage, 4650 HP.

“Delayed Cleansing Impact” yet it has no delay. Also you put a bit of Imperato’s under Hadros’s section

Okay, it’s fixed.

As for Delayed Cleansing Impact, the actual Cleanse move is delayed until after Mortem attacks the opponent, so the name is correct.

But what do you think of the reworks? Specifically Haast and Gorgo?

It doesn’t matter when the effect is applied, because “Delayed” does not refer to the effects, but rather, the fact that the move itself is not immediately available for the creature to use on turn 1.

That’s why Devour Strike/Impact moves aren’t called “Delayed Devour” Strike/Impact, even though the Devour Heal doesn’t apply until the end of the turn.

Seeing Ceramagnus being the only Apex to have two resistances is special to me

Updating some of my own reworks:




Remove the decal resistance,and give it bleed immunity while more rend resistance

Nah. It’s deceleration resistance is fine as is.

Posting these here because why not. Could the @moderators retitle this thread to An Apex and Unique Rework? For some reason I can’t do it.