An Apex flock of Trex's?

Just me venting a few ideas for new dinos.
Also, why dont they have an “increase armor” buff in the game?
And why does my pal steggy get such a riugh deal?
The only truly stupid one is dodo which isnt impossible to beat but really hard.

And i love the idea of twin therapods as an apex flock.

image (3)

image (2)

image (1)


Starting with the first one. No. Not nope. No. This is broken to bits, and the stats don’t even make sense. I would reduce health to 3450, Damage is fine, and speed up to 128. Remove the counter, and the threatened state on Alert Healing Roost shouldn’t target the team with healing. Second one… is a mess tbh. Health is not ok, health should always divide by 30 or better case 150. I’d take it down to 4800 health and reduce the damage by a lot. For the moves… I’d just rework all of those. 2 of those are broken and 2 are decent, but in general they do nothing but damage. They are theropods, let them be interesting, and remove that counter. Cleanse doesn’t belong on fierce and makes a cunning’s job that much harder. Third one has no 0 cooldown move, and where does Deceptive Rampage and Run come from? None of its components distract nor have a run. Remove Pin Immunity and trade it for vulnerability immunity. Pin immunity on a tank really shouldn’t happen as tanks should be weak to pin and bleed. Stat wise it’s fine, I’d change GFS to PFS, and if you want a runner, go with Decelerating Rampage and Run. For more raid usage you could trade out GCI for Group Cleansing Decelerating Impact. Fourth creature. This is the best out of the bunch. But still has issues. For one, it should be a cunning resilient. Second, again hp isn’t divisible by 30 or 150. Rest of the stats are fine besides the 0% crit, but maybe a little less speed. Also remove the delay on Group Decelerating Devour, it’s unnecessary. Also I’d trade out Rend Resistance for Decel Immunity.


The last thing which anyone wants is… Apex flocks.



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I just really like that his dinosaur and move names for the apex is really creative and makes me like them a lot .

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I’ll give him that, the names are pretty good. Just the creature concepts are broken or need tuning.

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Ok ok so i jeed to tweat them a little.
But its the first time ive really tried to put tuem together.

I appreciate the feedback - and clearly using them in the creature combat thing osnt enough to ensure balance.

Ok ok so wildcard

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No. Devour is more about the heal than anything. If you want to, I would have it be like a .5x heal that targets everyone and call it Group Healing Deceleration/Decelerating Impact.

Yeah that’s fine. No one is great on their first attempt. But as long as you make progress in making the creatures more and more balanced, the better you will be at it.