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An Apex Snake



It seems kind of weak compared to the likes of cera and hadros

but still probably one of the most vital in raids

Well it’s only usable in apex raids and by the time you get negativity off the minion’s will most likely be dead already and it is really only good vs stunnable opponents which all raid bosses are immune to idk but I just can’t see it being a big raid dino it might be good in pvp with cautious strike and that counter tho and those double priority moves

It’s not bad, beats Mortem, Trebax, Magnus, and dents Lux. Not bad

Group negativity, targets: all, make opposing team feel bad about stuff



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how about this


good one right

love the icon art for it

That On Escape move doesn’t really make sense. But I do like the concept! :wink:

Here’s mine:

I tested it out in the battle simulator and if played properly here are the results against other apexes:
Ceramagnus - Draw
Gorgotrebax - Loss
Hadros Lux - Win
Mortem Rex - Win

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Needs to have at least on escape strike. That’s why epic boa is so good. For the swap out prevention with the rampage

Here mine

It kinda weak in arena

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Looks pretty good @Coconut_crab !

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i know im late
But i’ll post it anyways
In a place where no one sees it