An Apology to Ludia

I’m always the first to admit when I’m wrong. And last week I expressed disappointment in the Halloween event (though in my defense I did say I WOULD be disappointed if last week’s strikes were the extent of the event). So I apologize for semi-jumping the gun. You guys did a great job on the event. Even before this week, I was able to create and level my Indoraptor to 23. Thanks for a job well done!


More than happy with all the DNA, strike towers, scents, etc. just would have been really nice to have a little more … “sparkle” - music, effects that sort of thing, but its a minor grumble.

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To me this event is let down. It just feels just like any other week but this time with better dinosaurs. Not really feeling like event.


My job is in the city, 50 miles from my house which is in the middle of the sticks. With traffic it makes for an 11 hour day. Thankfully I telecommute 3 days a week. I love the events of last week and this week, but velo hunting was a priority on the way home last night and I only found 7 or 8 that I could safely pull over and dart. Lots and lots of allo and tany in comparison. My dino hunting chihuahua is my partner and we’re on a mission after work today to find over 20 somehow lol. Ludia has done a great job in my opinion and hope to see more of the same types of things after Halloween.

It’s not really an event because it’s the same as every week except a scary looking pumpkin on some incubators you would think ludia could of done something more exciting…

Im guessing the seasonal one will be the same with a sprig of Holly on the incubators instead…

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Thank you Ludia!
Honestly … I love the idea of strike towers. They make the game way more fun and add variety to the game play. The scents are a really nice touch too …

Now if only I could just stop getting koola, concave, grypo and secodonto with every epic incubator then I’d truly be in heaven

But sincerely… thank you Ludia and moderators for making these two weeks fun! :+1:t4::+1:t4: