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An Appreciation topic

I know that a lot if people (including myself) have complained about this patch and 1.6, however, there is one thing that I have been very happy about.

This beauty right here:

Para was a long standing member on my team last year until she got a nerf, though with her newest buff, she’s been a monster on my team and I’m so happy to have her back.
I’ve gotten flak from a few members in my alliance about having her on my team and not Draco (HA!), but I don’t think they understand the devastation Para can bring. She can wipe the floor to entire teams unless they have a Draco to swap in or lucky crits with Thor or Tryko.
She normally gets paired up with my own Tryko or Puru when I’m facing an opponent with a run ability which normally results in that dino dying due to the counter attack those two have. If I’m able to get her regen and run off, she’ll heal nearly 3k health back.

She has been a great asset and can even hold her own against a boosted Thor. She can normally beat them if they’re not paired with a Draco. Which will then be destroyed my either my Tany or my own Thor:

I’m glad she got the buff she got. She desperately needed it. Its awesome having one of my favorite creatures on my team.

Now if only Ankylocodon can get a damage buff, we’ll be set. >.>…


Image now Ludia netfs it on 1.9 yikes


Wouldn’t surprise me.

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Your para is like my gorgo. The opponent better not let me set up because they’re gonna get swept.

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