An astonishingly easy way to make your players happy

Surprise us - and not with infuriating special events for your select local population.

Good surprises -
like an epic tower that’s not on the schedule.
Maybe a 5 chance darting event on an epic that just shows up one day (ideally a useful one! Raja, Brachi, Pterano, etc…)
Maybe a chest of 10K coins that suddenly appears.
Stuff like that.

Nothing major, but unannounced little bonuses that hint at the fact you actually give a rats rear end about making us happy, rather than reinforcing the idea that we are here simply for you to make a profit.

I think you’d be surprised at the change in attitude around here from a few simple gestures that would not impact your bottom line in the least.


Stop care.

They don’t.


Yeah small gestures if you don’t want to respond to us. This could switch almost all of the attitude around here. I start to feel like they enjoy complaints though.

Hey, I bet my indom that Ludia isn’t reading this.

Tuco, I think they listened, saw this post, and yesterday offered a surprise boost sale!

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