An attempt at balancing the Epic hybrids

Some of the Epic hybrids obviously stand above the others. Some deserve to, while others…not so much.
The Epic superhybrids deserve to be the best… along with Indominus rex G2, since Ludia insists.

Procerathomimus is obviously in most need of a nerf, but it’s also the easiest to nerf. There’s also Brontolasmus, which is just a little too good for what it is, Indominus G2, which needs to be tweaked so it can be countered more easily, Sarcorixis, which could do with a tweak too, Purutaurus, which stonewalls the tanks far too well, and…that’s it, actually.

Scaphotator needs a buff, Megalogaia could be tweaked for the better a little bit and Nodopatosaurus desperately needs something.

Anyway, here’s my go:

~2900 HP
~1500 attack
~131 speed

•Nullifying Strike
Distracting Rampage
Evasive Strike
•Instant Distraction


~3900 HP
~1200 attack
~107 speed
~30% armour

Defensive Stance
•Rending Attack
•Definite Rampage
Velocity Impact (+50% speed for 2 turns, Cooldown: 2)

(Long story short, I think the rhinos, unlike other tanks, should have a different kind of speed control. Velocity Impact is just as appropriate as Decel Rampage if you look at its components. Besides, now Mutual Fury no longer works against it, so this could be the next Indom G2 counter. Defensive Stance+speed nerf allows it to deal serious damage to Purutaurus with good prediction)

~4050 HP (beaten by Postimetrodon)
~1300 attack
~116 speed (outsped by Thyla)
~20% armour

•Armour-piercing Strike
•Ferocious Impact
•Greater Stunning Strike

•No Escape

(Indirect buff to Thylacotator)

4]Indominus rex G2
~4200 HP
~1600 attack
~108 speed

•Definite Strike
•Mutual Fury
•Armour-piercing Rampage


5] Scaphotator
~3480 HP (formerly 3600)
~1250 attack (formerly 1200, then nerfed to 1100)
~128 speed (formerly 127)

Ferocious Shattering Strike (33% buff for 2 turns, no cooldown)
•Distracting Impact
Nullifying Impact
Cleansing Swoop

•Swap-in Wound
•On Escape Regeneration

The only ability that didn’t get inherited is Pinning, but since it has OER, that’s almost as good as pinning the opponent anyway.

I’m not going to re-buff it, yet. I’m not sure if it needs it or not.

~4800 HP
~900 attack
~106 speed
~25% armour

Superior Vulnerability
•Short Defense
Lockdown Impact
•Decelerating Impact

•Medium Counter-attack

~3900 HP
~1000 attack
~110 speed

•Cleansing Strike
•Precise Rampage
•Long Protection
•Instant Distraction

Greater Armour-piercing Rending Counter
•No Escape

(Indirect buff to Brontolasmus, Dimodactylus, Amargocephalus and Nodopatosaurus. Also changes Purutaurus mirror-matches)

~3000 HP
~860 attack
~126 speed

Long Defensive Strike
•Instant Pinning Strike
Gashing Wound
•Impact-and -run

Wounding Counter
Immunity to Swap-prevention

And that’s it. What do you think?

  • Good job!
  • Satisfactory job.
  • Bad job.

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These reworks aren’t perfect, and there may be a few tweaks in order, so feel free to leave suggestions.

Edit: Didn’t know if Megalogaia needed anything.


I think @Dimodactylus is not happy with your idea about him,
For the rest your very good in balancing!

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These are pretty decent,I think Indominus Rex Gen 2 still has some weak spots with all the new Definite moves and almost every new creature having Nullifying,Indom Gen 2 was built to be stronger than Indominus Rex but of lower rarity,it was said even in the patch notes,I agree Procerathomimus is too OP

My only problem is that if Indominus Rex Gen 2 is nerfed,Indominus Rex will be too,both of them have the same health and attack,that was how the developers wanted it to be,so please no.

Well, health isn’t everything. With 4200 health, Indominus rex G2 would get beaten by Brontolasmus, but it would still beat endgame dinos like Trykosaurus, and do tons of damage to Ardentismaxima. The only creature I can think of now that beats it directly because of that change is Indoraptor G2, but it had a pretty good chance anyway.

Fun fact, Indominus rex used to have 4200 HP before it was needlessly buffed.

@Qaw While I agree with health nerf of Proceratho, I believe with two impacts is even worse. There is only one turn without any Impact and then can just ID most epics.

Then what do you suggest? Evasive Stance and Distracting Rampage again?
Or perhaps a damage nerf to 1400?

There is one option where Proceratho would be ok with two impacts.


  • 3000 HP
  • 1500 attack
  • 131 speed

• Nullifying Strike
• Distracting Impact
• Impact and run (Delay 1)
• Instant Distraction



Yeah, but I think the evasion should stay. It needs the representation among the Epics.

Then change Instant distraction to Evasive stance.


Then it becomes a Monomimus clone. Besides, an Evasive damaging move makes more sense because of Ornithomimus.

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Yeah, then Evasive strike. Though not sure if its ok to lose Nullifying.

EDIT: Was thinking about this option too:

  • Evasive strike
  • Distracting Impact (cooldown 2)
  • Nullifying Impact (cooldown 1)
  • Instant Distraction
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How about now?

Thats good, probably didn’t need additional 100 hp nerf.

I increased its damage, and besides I intended on 2900 HP all along. It’s stats are supposed to be lower since it’s Immune.

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Nullifying Impact wouldn’t be bad either, as shielders would have more chances against it.

EDIT: Though with two Impacts damage should be 1500 or 1450.


HP nerf might be sufficient. Giving it Distracting Impact isn’t exactly a nerf. I’d have to think about this.

This one is a bit too all-over-the-place. HP Nerf, Attack Buff, Speed Nerf… (you should probably just put the old stats for reference btw).
I guess Velocity Impact (maybe renamed Speed-Up Impact) could be interesting. It’s another move I’m surprised doesn’t exist in the game. Maybe 20% with a base-speed of 107 (theoretically take you to… just over 128). Making it still vulnerable to the fastest speedsters.

HP/Armour/Speed Nerf. This might be a bit too much. Currently Sarcorixis is good, but as a super-hybrid probably should be. One or two of these nerfs might be sufficient.

Indom 2
Yeah a small HP nerf might be enough to bring it down a peg.

I think this has been changed too much. Cleansing Swoop is an interesting change, but losing Regeneration sort of destroys its niche. If anything I’d prefer a HP buff and an attack nerf.

Lockdown Impact is a nice change. Superior Vulnerability is probably a good idea too.

This I really like. I’ve always thought that they should have had non-shattering Rending moves. In my mind Rending moves should be anti-HP tank, rather than shield/armour tanks. Savage Counter (like Swap-in-Savagery).

Wounding Counter is a very interesting idea here. It is totally appropriate given the parentage. Might be inclined to make it 25% (given it could otherwise be used to inflict > 58% on an unsuspecting swap-in). It might do with a change to its stats…

I expected everyone would know them by heart by now from all the skill tourneys.
Brontolasmus has 4500 HP, 1100 attack and 115 speed.

50% is definitely a lot, but it perfectly counteracts Deceleration from other tanks.

I don’t expect all the changes to be perfect, as I said, I’m just putting a few ideas out there.
But I really think the rhinos shouldn’t be Deceleration tanks.

Ooooor, instead of always nerfing, they could bring all of the old boys up to speed instead? I mean they tried that with the anky line … and that was a one major fail, that poor underpowered family just got worse, if it was even possible.

Yes you can nerf the top dogs, but you have to remember that they are top dogs because the others are just trash tier too. Instead of always nerfing, which invariably always causes drama and to be honest, they always nerf the wrong things … They could just give a real shot at improving all of the the trash tier dinos.

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