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Ok, I don’t speak English but if you are interested in my idea you can translate it using Google.

¿Han notado que por más movimiento que tienen los dinosaurios sientes que algo falta?
El juego necesita lograr que el jugador logre identificarse con algún apartado del mismo, y por más cosas nuevas que se le agregen el juego sigue sin poder ofrecer una experiencia de exploración como tal, cada paso que das lo ves reflejado en un pequeño círculo blanco monótono.

Por eso sugiero que agregar un avatar le dará una razón más al jugador para seguir avanzando, al principio me negué a sugerir está idea porque pensé que el motor que utilizan para el juego era inferior al de Pokémon Go pero grande fue mi sorpresa al descubrir que Jurassic World Alive y Pokémon Go utilizan Unity, así que no es un impedimento.

Sé que el tamaño podría ser un problema porque un Tyrannosaurus es mucho más grande que una persona pero enrealidad no es un gran problema, e visto Stygimoloch ser casi tan grandes que un Gorgosaurus, además como nos mostró Lord Lythronax aumentar el tamaño de un dinosaurio no es algo imposible de lograr, en caso se aumenten el tamaños de los dinosaurios para ajustarlos al avatar los bosses podrían ser reemplazados por lugares similares físicamente a los santuarios en los que podrás enfrentarlos, así que no verás un Godzilla jefe caminando junto a los otros dinosaurios.

No estoy seguro si mi post logre impactar a los jugadores porque la mayoría solo pide equilibrios o nuevas criaturas, pero no piensan en la presentación del juego ante el jugador. Además un avatar puede ser personalizado hasta lograr una apariencia similar a la del jugador, gracias por leer. :slightly_smiling_face:

Mod edit:

Translated From Spanish

"Have you noticed that no matter how much movement dinosaurs have, you feel that something is missing?
The game needs to ensure that the player can identify with some section of it, and for more new things that are added, the game still cannot offer an exploration experience as such, each step you take is reflected in a small monotonous white circle.

That is why I suggest that adding an avatar will give the player one more reason to keep moving forward, at first I refused to suggest this idea because I thought that the engine they use for the game was inferior to that of Pokémon Go but it was my surprise to discover that Jurassic World Alive and Pokémon Go use Unity, so it’s not an impediment.

I know that size could be a problem because a Tyrannosaurus is much bigger than a person but it really is not a big problem, and seeing Stygimoloch being almost as big as a Gorgosaurus, also as Lord Lythronax showed us, increasing the size of a dinosaur does not It is something impossible to achieve, in case the sizes of the dinosaurs are increased to fit the avatar, the bosses could be replaced by places physically similar to the sanctuaries where you can face them, so you will not see a boss Godzilla walking next to the other dinosaurs .

I’m not sure if my post will make an impact on players because most only ask for balances or new creatures, but they don’t think about presenting the game to the player. In addition, an avatar can be personalized to achieve a similar appearance to the player, thanks for reading."

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English; we have translated your post using Google Translate. In the future, please remember to include an English translation.

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For once google translate actually worked in spanish. I’m using it now instead of fowrd reference for class but what do you mean by avatar. Is that like a vr you.

Hi! I mean something like what all AR GPS games have, you can see an avatar in Pokémon Go, ghostbusters world, harry potter wizards unite and even in Draconius Go, I have been playing JWA for two years and the truth is that I feel that this is necessary for that the game gives identity to its players and if many support the idea I am sure that Ludia will take it into account and soon we will be able to see more active players in the game. :smile:

It’s a cool idea, but what would the base model look like? And could we customize it, because I guarantee that’s a revenue stream that doesn’t hurt people, maybe take it a step further and say you can see other avatars. Of course tho, you could choose to remain invisible

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Good improvement to the idea, I’m sure this could bring the community together to have a fixed model. And yes, the avatar can be customized. And seeing that Ludia knows how to create human models thanks to her game “warriors of waterdeep” you just have to improve this idea so that Ludia gets down to work, with the arrival of 2.0 they showed me that if they put their mind to it they can achieve great things in the game and from that version to the present they have earned my respect. I hope other players also have a say on how the avatar idea could be implemented.

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A baby of the dinosaur could accompany us or some reference such as Robert Muldoon hat, Sarah’s camera or Paul Kirby’s phone among others

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This is an example of what the avatar would look like and how we could customize it, obviously I hope that if they add it Ludia will give us some accessories for free but we can also buy, I’m not good at editing but I did my best to understand the idea better.

Or maybe instead of a person it could be like a jurassic world jeep.


Buying some sweet wraps for my Jeep. :laughing:

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That’s perfect