An easy solution for Entelania

Most of us find Entelania underwhelming at best, and I can think of one easy way to make it a raid champion. Change its “Persistent Ferocious Strike” into a similar attack that increases the attack for the whole team for one turn. This would make Entelania one of the most coveted members of any raid, but would actually make it less practical in the arena. What does everybody think?

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Unfortunately I cant comment. Too many crap fuses, so I dont have it unlocked.

Similar stats with 107 speed, MF, and Group shattering rampage rather than Bellow and group decel impact

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Underwhelming, but so much potential. A creature that could buff, group attack and heal in raids would be something I’d level the ever-living snot out of.

I like that, but I feel that the utility of Bellow will be coming soon.

True, but bellow doesn’t do much for raids, and entelolania still has speed control with MF. This allows it to outspeed creatures like tenrex, sarcorixis, and thylacotator. This gives it team utility on raids (especially with dilorach). I do like the group PFS though.

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Yes, but imagine if you had a Minion that is sped-up by the boss, has Distraction and Nullification in its abilities and has a counter attack. It might be nice to be able to slow this minion without damage to avoid its counter and so that it can’t interfere with another creature’s group-attack. Especially if the creature in question has enough HP to tank Koolasuchus’s counter-attack. Oops. Got a little specific there.

No, I’m not considering a strategy that involves a Bellow paired with either Maxima or Gemini. Don’t be silly.

That would be interesting
I thought of another rework as well
download (17)


It is a turtle,it don’t need to be fierce.

I rather prefer this version.

Well It doesn’t need too, but It could. I think your version is good with the exception of group decelerating impact, i think It should be rampage.

probably but i prefer to create the long persistant ferocious strike which can stack to 100% damage and deliver at the end 3600 with the group decelerating impact,which is nice already.
It deal 1800dmg if the opponent try to swap out and give him an extra speed boost to prepare him to fight a chomper because it is obvious this will be the first thing the opponent will do.
Greater bellow : give opponent vulnerability,grant you a long shield and slow opponent for 2 turn. (maybe too strong.)
and of course,because this is a turtle,a stun immunity.

So it is basically a creature made from a no escape.
The opponent will refuse to leave or else,it will leave a set up fast turtle which will destroy his chomper

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Yeah, but it’s a hybrid of the turtle and the fierce sweeper demon pig (RIP). It totally deserves some fierce character.

I think this would be nice:

Group Superior Vulnerability
Group-Shattering Fury (Mutual Fury, destroys shields)
Armour-Piercing Rampage

On-Escape Heal

(I’m not sure what the fourth move should be. Bellow or Taunting Bellow could work, but a healing move could also be nice. Even something like Ardenaline Surge is an option.)


Emergency heal?

All suggest this entelolania. It loses some defense for becoming a very powerful raid Dino

Both of it’s components are resilient and fierce,so remove distraction ability

what about this

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