An Epitaph for JWA

Here lies Jurassic World Alive
Cause of Death was boosts as well as the Thor and Rat meta. Survived by the defeated and disenfranchised players of the game. We are gathered here today to mourn the passing and untimely death of Jurassic World Alive. During its inception, it was a great game and was enjoyed by all. That was until Ludia decided to introduce boosts and the ushering in of the Thor and Rat meta. May Jurassic World Alive Rest In Peace. 2017-2019




I love this post.
So true and tragic, and it’s a shame it’s only us, the players, that seem to care!


Yeah it is a shame

I think it is because it said something religious

As I said elsewhere - the mods are back from lunch and censoring posts.

I fail to see what was wrong with that last one .

What’s wrong with that?
Or do you think the devs didn’t like the fact that you portrayed them hitting themselves on the head with planks of wood?


I hope there are no millennials here …

Those are the mods.

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