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An event drop or two would be much appreciated!

So since this pandemic has started I’ve been pretty much stuck at home with 6 kids “homeschooling”… I don’t get out too much, especially on the weekdays! So being stuck at home with 8 supply drops that are solid orange is horrible! I missed out on stocking up on more Sarco, and now it looks like I’ll miss out on Spino dna too… C’mon Ludia I thought you were doing stuff to help with this pandemic and people being quarantined or on lockdown?! I have 8 supply drops that have been orange all week long! Can we get some more event drops to spawn please!!


Yea @Ludia_Developers this what I needed today, 3 common strikes lined up next to each other, and 3 raptor strikes! No need for actual event dinos!

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