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An event

There should be a t rex and raptor event for indominus rex or indoraptor

That’s often the Jurassic Park theme week, JPLW, JP3, JW, and JWFK week
and JW week has indom and FK week has indo as well as rex and raptor


Wasn’t there an indom even like 3 months ago? I don’t think they will rerun it for a bit.

And now there are Indom and Indoraptor raids

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I can’t do them
Thats why I am asking for an event

Buy special offers from store(need real cash)
Campaign(limited amount of DNA though)
Special Events(I-rex and indo don’t happen often)

Best options to get them(in my opinion) is to grind for fuses and raids
And there are many tactics that allow all sorts of creatures for different raids and such.
Someone made a topic with a link to a website to find all sorts of raid strats for all the different bosses no matter what the player level is(that may be a little wrong but still)


Thank you snake_dude

the indominus raid is very hard and requires a 15 and 20 suchotator and 2 20 phorus while indo has multiple strats

its not restricted to just that strat, there are others, just a few

ah, ok. i don’t know of any others so far

yes, someone made a topic with a link to a website with all raid strats, I think Indom had more than one but only a few

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Currently making one with 2 tragods, A tryo, and a tyrannolophosaurus

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We did it with a 12 and 10 sucho