An experiment

For the first time since I created it, I’m going to remove stegodeus from my team. I am not going to run trago either.

Its between patches, between tourneys. Not like my cups matter.

Plus, I just got super rng lucky and almost swept an entire team of a good player and friend with my stegodeus, and I dont like it.

So, my new team will fluctuate, but will start like this:

I took rajaky off too.

We’ll see how it goes! Good night forum, I will return and report tomorrow sometime hopefully.



Ayee :sunglasses: Looks a lot like my team, except I’m no where close to making dilo :joy: Tbh I don’t like having tanks on my team either, way too slow of a match. I like speed lol.

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That may be a great idea wroth, with the seeming upcoming change to SS…might as well start getting use to having something else on the team now!

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but you still have the cloakers so its like a 50/50 test??

yeah… complaining about stegodeus while having irex, indoraptor and monomimus isn’t super valid.

i’ve never used tragodistis, but why do i start stegodeus whenever i can? aside from it just being good? there is no better feeling than your opponent starting indoraptor and you thagomizing and rampaging through evasive and the game is already 1-0 and they are down indoraptor and your stegodeus is full health :joy:

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that doesnt help the point lol. but sometimes that doesnt happen. stego is not 100% unstoppable. the issue is that ss gives it way to much power and its his Achilles. once its gone hes gone.

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dodge/evasive is 100 million times worse than stegodeus ever has been.
he gets all 3 of those in a game, that’s up to 8+ free turns for simply tapping a button.
people with high level stegodeus at least worked long and hard (twss :joy: ) to get it


i made it a point to get mine to 25. then they nerfed it so i had to get it to 26. i think any higher you are exploiting it but thats just my opinion lol. i have them all on my team and if ya dont like it… kick sand. jk lol

Huh? If the only change is SS not cleansing bleed Stegod won’t be going anywhere. I sure there will be a bunch of balances though.

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what i would do is take away the turn after… so allow it to cleanse itself of whatever affects but no next turn. that would make deus a true tank and i would max mine out


introduce an immune tank.

Editing to be kinder.

What would you recommend I use?

thats getting rediculous lol. that wasnt that inappropriate

Harassing people is though, right?

i dont think there is any harrassment going on. unpess in missing something. alot of this is tongue and cheak banter. but whatever…

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If you dont see it, I wont point it out.

Now before you all get my thread locked, anyone wanna offer something constructive?

Btw, cloak has nothing to do with overlevelled easy to acquire tanks with ss. If we want to eliminate RNG, we need a different game.

I can swap what i have with stunners or high crit chancers.

Or we can be realistic.

what else is there to say though… it seems like a one sided arguement. i think they all are fairly easy to get and all cause the same kind of outcome. all ill say is play or dont play but if my opponent will use it so will i untill the devs even things out. goodluck on your venture… like you said, its not like you are in the tourney so loss of trophies wont hurt but if the touurney comes around… put him in coach asap haha. i dont get it

Tryko is easy to get?
Gorgo is as easy to overlevel as stegodeus?
What about monomimus?
Or even keeping tryostronix the same level?

The level of effort is not even close to the same.
Dodge doesn’t cause the same kind of outcome because dodge isnt reliable. Its streaky.

Tanks are reliable.

Totally different things.

If you dont understand it, or like it, or agree with it, or care - go contribute to a different thread :slight_smile:

Edit: we are friends @Pateradactyl. We should just agree to disagree.

Also, you arent the one accusing me of things I didnt do :slight_smile:

I think some people don’t understand that plenty of us who use Indo and Mimus don’t even use the cloak ability. For me personally it’s a waste of a move since my Indo and Mimus both interpret 50% chance of dodging as 0% so I just use their other moves and get the benefit of them that way. Are they going to last for 8 rounds that way? No, but they’ll last longer than they do when you waist a move on evasive and it fails! OP, you’re braver than I am, but I hope it goes well for you :grinning: I don’t think it’s a 50/50 test at all either since you literally just wanted to take off the predictable tanks that make games last seven years? Saying you need to take the cloakers off too is like telling someone who became vegan that it doesn’t matter unless they give up all alcohol too, it makes no sense.

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If you mean my gif then yes. That is just my humour :joy: Didn’t really mean to offend anyone, I was just joking.

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gorgosuchus is a pretty easy level if you have the ability to dart at night for the kaprosuchus. i probably see just as many gorgosaurus as i do stegosaurus. to the point that i’m almost done darting them. 25 gorgosuchus, with 10k gorgosaurus left over. someone posted yesterday they hit the max rare DNA cap of 50,000 with gorgosaurus.

at 25… my gorgosuchus will crit a ferocious rampage for 5832 which will one shot a 28 stegodeus. a 26 can one shot a 29 stegodeus.