An experiment

Most of my games have, expectedly, been losses. Here is a win though:


Relying on rng? That doesn’t seem right :thinking:

3:10 your opponent can win, but chooses to swap :thinking:

You certainly live up to your name! Good catch.

nearly 4k without it. not really looking for guaranteed way to do 6k damage in one shot though.

i dont use evasive or cloak if i dont have to either but my indo and mimus are not above level 23 so they wont last long.


So in other words, it dies without it.

That doesnt seem like a winning strategy bud.

You do you, though.

so you aren’t happy unless there’s a guaranteed way to 1-shot a level 30 stegodeus? reasonable.


Thats what I said, yup. Your reading comprehension is astounding.

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and yes we are friends but there is nothing wrong with healthy arguement. thats how we all get better. just one last question. ive read and reread your op. what made you decide to do this again and why?

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Debate is good. Argument is unnecessary.


Because Im bored.
Because I like a challenge.
Because im ready for change, and change starts with me.
Because it forces me to be a better player.
Because maybe, just maybe, my opponent will feel they had a refreshingly tank-free battle for once.

Those are my reasons.


well, 1-shot for guaranteed 4,000 wasn’t good enough for you. so what specifically are you saying?

ugh flagged lol. ill wait

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understandable. and honestly… my stego doesnt get picked half the time. thats why i also carry a giga. goodluck on your test. and yes a debate is an arguement lol

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The difference is intent :wink:

not malicious i promise.

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Im saying many things, lets see how many you respond to -

First: what team do you suggest I use?

Next: Good tanks (stego, trago) are far easier to level than their counters (gorgo - not a counter, tryo, tryko, etc.)

And then: Dodge chance != or even relate in any way to overlevelled tanks. Both are frustrating, yes, but the similarities end there.

Finally: I was trying to put a fun, positive spin on the current meta. Instead its turning into this back and forth.

I am sad.


two great teams and both in the top 50.


I love that second team especially!

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i was hoping to find one without a cloaker and deus in the top 50.

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