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An explanation for a weird thing that is happening in arena

@marcus,@ned A weird thing that is happening in arena with the stats of the dragons,I’m not talking about the buffs and such, I know that’s intended. But what I want to know more about, is that for example when I put my charsoul in my defensive team, his HP is 2500, when i go into battle, his HP gets reduced to 2400 along with his other stats too. And that happens with all my dragons not just him.

Hey itami, dragons placed in your Defense Team receives a stat boost.

@ned,yes I know about that. But when I tried practicing, I noticed that their stats get reduced when in battle. like I gave the example of my charsoul above, when I see him in the defensive team,his health is 2500, but in battle, it gets reduced to 2400,that happens to all of my dragons, and some of my clan members noticed this too,its strange.

@ned,take a look at this stats(attack, defence, health):

I will ask our team about this, itami. :slight_smile:

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The first picture is when you see the dragon’s stat when you check the defensive team, but in the second picture where it’s in a battle you can see that the stats are not the same, they are reduced.

Our team will investigate this. Thanks for letting us know, itami.

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