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An honest proposal on the px assignment

I would like to propose an implementation to the PX attribution mechanism for both PVP and dungeon fights.
Currently all the characters involved in a fight receive the same amount of experience points, given by the difficulty of the fight.
The characters that have been played best are therefore not rewarded.
The assigned px are very few, making the level increase of the characters based mainly on the purchased items.

I think it would make the game more fun to receive experience points also based on how it was played.

For example, additional points could be given to the individual character:

  • for each monster or character killed during the battle
  • if the hero has not been injured
  • if the hero is the only survivor
  • etc.

Such criteria would give the possibility to make some favorite characters grow faster than others.

What do you think?

I don’t know about that… some characters do more damage than others, leaving other characters behind in development. If Tommas has his taunt on, so another character doesn’t take damage, why should Tommas not get the xp rather than the other? You can control who gets more xp by who is in the party. I just wish that monster or player kills were the main method for xp rather than gear.