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An *hour* of straight losses

Today I’ve had to fight entire teams that did enough damage to defeat my entire team in 2 shots, were all immune to everything and faster than my whole team.

Even when I had the right counters for them, I couldn’t use them because swapping is just free hits and will take you from a win to defeat.

The first creature you send out determines who wins or who loses fights most of the time now. Because it’s either indo gen 2 (so by round 3 is so fast it’s faster than any your counters and will 2shot them) or it’s ardentismaxima, which alternates between slowing and defense shattering, 2 shotting everything unless you have the right creature out in that first round. Or it’s Thor. which will be faster than any of it’s counters and do 2300 minimum per hit. If you do instant distraction, it will still defeat you the next round. If you use any other distraction do to reduce it’s damage by 50% it will still do your entire HP in 2 rounds. Then if ANY of these creatures do a critical hit (and half the time all three of these crit every single hit), then even the counters are defeated.

None of my creatures are above level 26. None of them have a base damage of greater than 1700. So why am I facing entire teams of level 30s that do over 2000 damage and are faster than my entire team? What is “competitive” about a one sided battle where even if I defeat 2 of them, their third can one shot everything I have left? and has more health than two of my creatures combined?

There is nothing enjoyable about an hour of fights like this where there’s no way to win. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep playing at this point. I used to enjoy it and I WANT to enjoy it, but the matches are just getting really unpleasant.

If the average health is around 4000, the average damage in 2 rounds shouldn’t be 5000. It shouldn’t even be 4000.


I too know how frustrating it is, I’m experiencing this over and over again in the Aviary, with occasionally some wins or winning streaks… Hopefully they address the arena in a patch soon, their survey may represent a ray of hope.

I’m so sick and tired of arena because of this exact thing. Nowadays I never play if I don’t have an empty incubator slot and that usually takes two or more losses before I finally win against someone so I can fill it and open another incubator. Why just today I faced a guy with creatures of level 27 to 30, while the level range of my creatures is 20 - 22, except for Maxima which is 24. One of my creatures was pretty much one-shotted and I barely managed to defeat one of his creatures before the battle, excuse me, the slaughter was over.


I fought a interesting very tough team today

why was this team in mid aviary?? These level 26+ boosted monsters trashed my team of level 21-23