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An idea? Fixed Teams Throughout Each Tournament

So, having played in the recent tournament, which was fun to some extent, apart from the odd battle freezes, which I hope Ludia are on and will try and improve before the next tournament, along with some odd issues with dinos escaping on no escape…

One of the most frustrating parts and what made me loose interest after the first day, was that some people had now seen “Poke Fodders” Youtube video and which dino’s he recommends people to have on their teams.

We all know when we are up against the same dino’s, Ludia’s RNG begins to start messing up and it becomes quite boring, when you end up facing the same dino’s on both teams,

Why doesn’t Ludia make championship tournaments more challenging and fun by restricting people to only use the selection of dino’s throughout the whole tournament and not just swapping and changing, by copying somebody else’s?

To clarify, it would mean that people would select 8 dinos and have those 8 dino’s throughout that particular tournament? No swaping and no changing…

Fixed team how? 4 dinos?
if so, then teams would also still be pretty much the same, probably more so, as people will use what is the strongest individual dinos with maybe a swap in creature.
Fixed as in you can’t change out your team of 8 once you pick it?
That is going to be a harsh no from me. Tournaments are a place for myself (and others) to test out new creatures and new combinations. People also quite frequently change around their teams when something just isn’t working out or there was a creature they forgot about that someone else had on their team. Restricting people to the ones they chose at the beginning would just encourage people to use all the same stuff as there would be no experimentation.


Um, there are many things wrong with this. First, anyone who puts allo gen 2 or edmontoguana on their teams aren’t getting very far. But if they were to make you lock your teams, then that would be horrendous. I personally never changed up my lineup and they carried me to victory, but many of my alliancemates didn’t know if creature A is better than B, and A is better than B, and they accidentally chose B, then they’re crippled for the rest of the tournament. That is just a horrible idea. In fact, this goes against the whole point of the game: To make and try out different creatures

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We should not be like “You use those 8 you stay with them, no changing” we don’t do that. The only thing I would recommend is have only 8 dinos because that way, it would be more fair for everyone. It’s not fun drawing Allo G2, Darwin, Titanoboa and Majundaboa while your opponent drew procerath, Indom G2, rixis and Entchops. Personally I think having 4 creatures would be better than choosing8 and having a random 4 chosen for you. And RNG and speedties? Man do I want them to remove RNG and fix Speedties, it’s called a SKILL tourney, not a RNG tourney.


@Qiew @ElEduardo, I am not sure about you, however, I constantly battled against the same dino’s:

  1. Yoshi
  2. Croxis
  3. Indominious G2
  4. Entelochops
  5. Purutasauras

If you end up with the same dinos, that can get very boring and it becomes a battle of who can bash their finger on their phone first. In terms of strategy, that would make you a better player for the future and to learn from your mistakes.

Yeah that could work… Love the idea, it is that element of having something fixed at least!

No no no, this would make tournaments notably less fun by eliminating any form of experimenting or changing up teams. And what if someone that just woke up entered with their default team which is a bunch of commons? They just cheated themselves out of a tournament.

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Ok, and your idea only makes this worse.

To be very honest, this tournament was one of the most fun ones I have ever experienced. Sure it gets repetitive but I feel there was more strategy in this tournament somehow(yes, even in a Rat tournament!). With two new Rat counters around, it no longer becomes a matter of who draws Rat. I admit I had a lot of fun in this tournament. Hate to be that guy, but if you can’t deal with those creatures you listed, you really need to brush up your team

Getting past proceratomimus was a breeze. I usually don’t do tourneys because i am only in estate but this tourney was so fun that I battled up to the top 2,000. That is very rare for me and people might swap out dinos for better ones but it doesn’t mean they will know how to use them. Someone used an instant distraction on my irex g2. Someone else used distracting rampage on an indom g2 cloak instead of null. I mean people start with dinos they are comfortable with but how would they learn to use better ones if they couldn’t switch them.

Tourneys are for experimenting to get better at the normal arena. You can’t take that away from people.

majundaboa and entelemoth were great additions to any team. More so entelemoth, but Mboa did save me from some proceraths and indominuses by being a crafty swap in.

Boa was an awesome starter and it easily set up entelochops

Fixed teams really is not a good idea. I for one will change dinos when I see how they work in each tournament. After all, with skill tournaments, every dino is at the same level, which generally we are not used to playing. While your dino might work well in the arena with varying opponent levels, everyone at the same level changes things.

And for advantage tournaments, the same rules apply…though, generally you’re not picking out of as big of a pool. I have plenty of dinos around the same level, and like to try out different creatures to see what happens. Opponents can have vastly varied dinos on their team, and it’s fun to try out different combos. There’s a good chance you won’t have the “recommended” dinos up to level

I’m not sure why, maybe it was seeing 2 of our alliance doing so well in it, but me and my son really enjoyed this tournament.

Should we restrict players to not be able to change their teams? NO way! For some it’s a chance to try new teams, new dinos, new strategies etc…so why take that opportunity away?

If players are determined to do well and finish top 100 or whatever, of course teams will be the same or very similar. And yeah speed ties suck. But we didn’t have too many of them and we both found enough of a challenge to keep going for much longer than normal.

I actually liked playing the legendary tournament last month and this was also a fun tourney, I would have played more but it was Memorial Day weekend so

Junk Boa vanished after first day.

@Moeen_Khan You forgot Megalogaia. Megalogaia mirror match usually mean there goes 5-7 minutes.

I would be open for some creature restrictions, but definitely no to fixed 8 or 4 you chose on start. Fixed 4 would mean 98% same teams. Everybody would just pick 4 best creatures.

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Yeah I forgot about good old Megalogaia, lol it was a bit frustrating, but by far the worse has to be Carbonemeys…

For the record, I did enjoy the tournament and finished just within the top 1000, so maybe it’s just of course that the top teams will have the same and stronger dinos, sadly then it can become a slug fest… :frowning:

No doubt Most had procerethomimus, indo, sarco and purataurus. They could make it so you could only choose one of an elite group of 4, and then 7 from the rest. or maybe also a 2nd group of 4 for the next best 4 and you can only take one of them too , leaving 6 from the rest. That would ensure a much bigger diversity in selection. Quite like that idea actually.,

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no definetely not. we are supposed to fight with fight creatures that we worked for. if we get “fixed” teams everyones hard work goes unrewarded. “what if they have higher level dinos than me” thats just the game, people are supposed to be at different ranks depending on creature level. just anyone suggesting this kinda stuff gets my blood boiling because is such a dumb question, if a game like this got fixed teams it would destroy the fun of tournaments and discourage hard work.