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An idea for 2021 April fools

there’s still a long wait until April fools, but why not have an event suggestion?


That thing is terrifying please no

i get the joke in it, but it has to be at least somewhat beatable. maybe lower on the speed.


when making it I came up with a tactic to beat it.


I found the tactics to beat it :smiley:

Ok, what is it?


as long as there is a way to beat it then it’s good. but at first glance, i can’t figure it out.

Imma make final rend a non-priority move.

not all caps

Team needed:

  • Erlidominus LvL 30, Indominus LvL 30

Both with 20 damage/10 health
Both need to get through the dodge.

is it just one round then

I didn’t realize it was a raid.

its not a raid…

But it’s an apex…

I’m just using the apex rarity as an example.

oh ok
ten characters

just because it’s an apex doesn’t bean it can’t be the strike boss for april fools day. we never get the dna of the april fools creature. The goat was a unique since that was the highest rarity at the time.

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I understand now thanks

lol DR go brrr

This is one hundred percent beatable