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An idea for 2021 April fools

It’s unstoppable, needs 0 rend resist, but can keep the stun and bleed resist to stop lower levels from pulling a dimo scapho and trike g2.

I still think we should have an Apex mosquito to fight :smile:

Revenge of the Fish:

Look at this little fish! Look at it just splashing on the floor! You can’t lose to a fish out of the water… right?

Crit Chance:90%

Instant It Just Goat Real(Cooldown 1)
Instant Definite Devastation(Cooldown 1)
Instant Vulnerability Rend Takedown(Cooldown 1, vulnerable for 3 turns immediately, deal 0.9 Rend damage)
Instant Reversal(Takes damage of creature and multiples it by 10 and deals that amount of damage to opponent)

Full immunity

Strategy:Pray on luck and send out Magna/Monometro and hope it doesn’t use Instant Reversal or Instant Definite Devastation

I mean, lvl 30 T20 HP mono would eliminate reversal

If you want to make it stronger, ditch the cautious strike for PFS and you have a monster

We need something new, something fresh. Not just in the boss but in the moves

April Fools champion is the one and only lord Lythronax