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An idea for a better Matchmaker

I really wish I could get the developers to just observe the matches I’ve been getting the past month. I’m in the 2500-2800ish trophy area right now and I swear to you that I can go for DAYS without an even match …I’m always out-leveled and outgeared …nearly every time. I’m only able to squeeze out a win here and there because of really good RNG.

Anyway, rather than have the matchmaker take into account trophies (which seems a very stupid way to do things); why not use a “gear score” of sorts? In other words, take an average of ALL the gear that a player has on all of their characters that are within 4 levels of their highest level character. Then, match people up against other players who have a similar average…in other words, have the matchmaker actually find good matches rather than these infuriating battles in which all of my characters are 13 (I’m 13 across the board) and I’m fighting 15s and 16s with high level gear in all slots.


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@Amadeus, I agree he matches they offer players like yourself are horrendous. However, you are experiencing precisely what the developer intends. Ludia has spent a lot of effort fine-tuning the algorithms to guarantee such matches.

Unfortunately, instead of providing features players desire, the developer has chosen to provide limited and abusive support, unending server issues. rigged events, while removing favorable features and increasing fees.

Meanwhile, players such as yourself continue to speak loudly in the forums about such issues, while even more have chosen to abandon the app. WoW, ranked in the top 10 RPG apps only a few months ago, is now dangerously close to falling beyond the top 100.

Its a shame the developer was unable to relate to the players.

Yea, I think you might be right. I’m probably going to have to find another game to play if they don’t figure this out. Today I just got so fed up with it that I decided to just intentionally lose enough games to get my trophy count down as far as I can manage so that I can at least finish the current special event within the time they allocate for it. It’s taking me an hour to get two wins in the “bracket” I’m in right now (2500-2900 trophies) …and I haven’t faced an equally match team in months now …I can get a couple wins here and there due to good RNG and being good at the game …but, it’s playing on “EXTREMELY CHALLENGING” mode gets old after a while, especially when there is a time limit on an event which requires 60 wins.

Like so many games out there, it’s just obvious that no one in charge actually plays the game…