An idea for all to love arena


What about rewarding DNA for the dino u killed, i think with this everybody love getting into arena and fight legendary…even for a small DNA collection i think all will still love it???


In that case, bring on all the uniques please!


Do u want to fight in arena just to kill a unique for one DNA? Maybe this is one way all will love getting into arena regardless win or lose.


Well, if I’m going to do that it needs to be more than just a single dna :rofl:


More than a single dna would be a bit much I think.


Make it 2 DNA per kill then


This is a good idea so people can think about dropping arena twice before doing it. :+1:


I thought about it for long and i guess this could be one good solution to make everyone enjoy the arena.
Imagine trying to kill a unique but it chooses to run away, or u still happy to lose the fight but killed one which can earn u DNA.
Many complains about arena as not being fair, bla bla bla…perhaps this can make everyone looking forward to meet unique…lol


Idea sounds good at first, lots of perks and stuff, the only problem with it is that it would create even more gaps between players, mainly because most of the opponents for top ranked players are uniques, so by the time you would get like 10 extra DNA for Indo, they would max it out.


When I said 1 dna I was literally thinking 1 strand like how you would get like 18 strand of Stigy dna. If I’m going to defeat a unique, I would like more than just 1 strand of that dna seeing that I will need 250 to create :joy:


I realize but I think that more than 1 would still deflate the value of uniques.


The objective is to “meet” and able to “kill” the one u need. So is a challenge by itself and most importantly, i guess losing a match with some rewards will make peace for many who are frustrated by the match making.


Maybe like 1 DNA for unique, 2 for a legendary, 3 for an epic, 5 for a rare and 10 for a common.
I really like the idea btw, It would make the arena much more worth to do.


Don’t know if this can work for all levels, but low levels will be happy to kill one for earning the DNA, high levels may already have them all so perhaps not too much diff.
Now arena seems to be just to win an incubator filling up the slot, ludia should create more objectives getting into arena.