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An Idea for an Indoraptor Gen 2 Counter

Phoenicomimus - Legendary
Recipe: Amargocephalus + Kelenken
Health: 4,050
Attack: 1,300
Speed: 127
Defense: 30%
Crit. Chance: 5%

  • Sidestep
  • Superior Vulnerability
  • Decelerating Impact
  • Raking Claws
  • Swap-in Dodge
  • Medium Counter-Attack
  • Immune to Vulnerability
  • Immune to Deceleration

How to Counter Indo G2 (Lvl 26, no boosts, no crits.)

Just Superior Vulnerability on Turn 1, and it wins by going on Raking Claws turn 2. Over-complicated it wayyyyyy too much last time.

Any feedback?


I think you’re overcomplicating it. Just make Phoenicomimus slower than Indoraptor G2, then it’ll beat it 100% of the time, no mind games.

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overcomplicated it way too much
now it beats it in 2 turns lol

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Love the drawing!

g2 isnt even op anymore and this creature is just a worse version of procerathomimus

Is that really a bad thing tho, at least this way they don’t nerf indo2

This is kind of neat.

Basically Superior Vulnerability, 1300 Attack, Precise Rampage (although Raking Claws is nice), Immune to Distraction = Autowin vs Indoraptor G2. Of course… if it has a single boost, it doesn’t work anymore.

Instead of creating another monster to beat a monster… maybe adapting existing to do so.

Carnotarkus with precise decelerating counter x0,33

That wouldn’t work. You would either have to give Tarkus more HP or more armour, and even then, it wouldn’t be guaranteed.

The hybrid suggested in this thread is probably a bit overpowered, but there are ways of changing it so it beats Indoraptor G2 without being so powerful.

changed it up a s l i g h t bit more, making it less broken, and removing immune to distraction becuz it can still win the matchup without it

That’s where your wrong bud, if ProRat is faster than it wins 75% of the time, if slower, it would be a 25% chance.

Well done with making this, now THIS is a 100% Ig2 counter even if a IG2 is Mutal Furied and have DSR ready.

Phoenico isn’t ProRat lol
The hybrid I made was too quick last time

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