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An idea for hybrids in Sanctuaries

Since Ludia currently doesn’t want hybrids in Sanctuaries because farming their DNA constantly would probably be broken, I thought of a little solution to that.

Instead of giving DNA for the hybrid itself, give DNA for both of its components with each FIP. If it’s a super hybrid, give DNA for all 3 of the non-hybrid components. In order to balance this, we’d cut the DNA values to a third for each component.

Example 1 (super hybrid): You put Thor in a Sanctuary. Give it one Food. That food gives you 15 Tarbo, 15 Allo, and 2 Sino DNA. (Hopefully these values are about a third of what you’d get for using a Food on Tarbo, Allo and Sino)

Example 2 (hybrid): You put Allosino in a Sanctuary. Give it one Play. The play gives you 15 Allo and 2 Sino DNA.

This means that if you used all three Food, Interact, and Play on a hybrid, it would give you about the same amount of DNA as using one Food on a non-hybrid.

Hopefully I explained this well enough. Probably not the best solution, but I quickly thought this up in about 15 minutes.


Wouldn’t that be the same as farming their DNA? Just slower.

It would be slower for each individually, but you’re still getting DNA for 2-3 dinos at once.

It is really a good solution thinking about alliances because it would occupy only one place in the sanctuary and not three places. Anyway I see an important problem because it is difficult for someone to need the three components of the hybrid. For example, who is creating Thor probably needs Sino and who evolves Indoraptor2 may need Blue or Echo but not Trex2.