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An idea for improving friendly battle


The introduction of flying creatures was exciting, but the excitement was short lived as they are practically useless for battles in higher arenas. Unless one spends another two years going around hunting and leveling them up.

In the meantime, in order to be able to send the flying creatures to battle, we can only do so in friendly battles. My gripe is, it’s way too cumbersome to have to switch the team around between friendly battles and arena.

I suggest letting the players choose creatures from the entire collection for friendly battles, not just limiting to strike team. This should make the game more fun especially when we feel like taking a break from the laborious DNA collecting…


I agree and also it would be nice to be able to play the friendly battles at different levels than 26. Even if it still had to be limited to 2 or 3 different options. Like 20, 25, & 30. Would be fun to play like the big boys at level 30!!!


Wait, what do you mean different levels than 26? Do you or your dinos have to be certain levels to do these? I’m confused. I only tried to do friendly battles a few times and each time I’m unable to connect to the battle. I know I’d probably lose since my dinos are around level 12-15 atm and the guy challenging me probably has his/hers over level 20 but hey, might as well try.


In friendly battles, all Dino’s (no matter what real level) are automatically set to level 26 just for that friendly battle. So it’s an even match between both friends.

So if your team is made up of all level 10 commons, when you friendly battle they are all level 26.


Ooooh! And here I thought all my dinos were going to be one or two shot XD That’s cool. If only the game will let me do friendly battles. I think it freezes every time I try. And I agree with you, different levels to even out the dinos would be neat, like you suggested.