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An idea for Max 2.1

Is is simple but will keep some people happy. Keep today’s Max stats as they are and change it for 2.1 on arena exclusively. So we’ll have 2 Max, one for raids and one for arena.
At least they could have kept its rampage cooldown 1 turn

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They can’t do that for one creature. They either do it for all or not at all.


Could just buff creatures instead of nerfing them

Buffing things to beat overpowered dinos is what causes power creep. It’s proven to not work.


Or they could have done a reasonable nerf instead of this savage hammering


They could just keep its rampage with cooldown 1 turn

Max buff :
Hp = 5400
Armor = 15%
Attack = 1200
Speed = 109
Resilient Strike
Group Decel Rampage
Taunt Shattering rampage (Cd :1 )
Resistant : same with 2.1


For Gemini probably the best option is remove Distraction resistant, DSA is 1,5. Hp = 5700, and attack 1400

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I’d just change the HP to 5700

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For my max idea
Hp 5700
ATK same as 2.1
Speed 109
Armor 15% or 10%
Critical 30%

Resilient strike
Group Decelerating Rampage
Resilient Rampage
Instant invincibility taunt

Resistance same as 2.1

Honestly, the stats are good but maxima without DSR is a no no to me. Besides, lania already got that niche with resilient rampage. And i don’t know why they thought It needed a speed buff, If anything, i think It should be slower.


just give him 10% armor, reduce its speed back to 108(109 speed is not required) , increase its attack back to 1300,
reduce cooldown of TSR


So basically just reduce armour by 5%? That’s next to nothing.

What they should have done is reduce HP by 300 not 600… they buffed Cunning creatures HP by 300 so why not reduce Max by 300 too.

Also keep the 1 turn CD on TSR.

Armour of 0% is fine with me, and the speed increase of 1 is fine.

What I don’t like is Ludia (@E.D) nerfing stuff because of arena balancing and ignoring its impact on Raid bosses.

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That’s also a very good idea

Maxima was my only best unique. I have just 3 uniques of 21 level each. Other 2 are Indoraptor and Thoradolosaur which are pretty bad in pvp. Now I lost maxima also,
How will I face overpowered creatures in Aviary, as there is no fair matchmaking

I like that Idea but imo It should definitely have armor, at least the same armor as Brachi, 10%
Idk why they gave It 15% in the first place.
It doesn’t really need 1300 damage either, unless the distraction resistance is kept at 0%
But like you said, having 5700 HP was for sure a better middle ground.