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An idea for the lost XP points

I have been playing since close to the beginning and I have made the long climb to level 20, that being said I notice when I level up my creatures I am still being awarded XP points which disappear off into the void. I am wondering if there could be a way of saving up these points and exchanging them for coins, hard cash or even D.N.A.


10 XP points = 10 Coins.
100 XP points = 10 Hard cash.
100 XP points = 10 Common D.N.A.
1000 XP points = 10 Rare D.N.A.
10000XP points = 10 Epic D.N.A.

Please comment and share your thoughts, with the summer update coming up soon maybe Ludia could include something like this?


you can get 10,000 ex points at a time! I didn’t know that. What if you chose to save them in a storage room and traded them for something.

1 xp = 1 coin
10 xp = 1 hc or 1 common
50 xp points = 1 rare dna
250 xp points = 1 epic dna
500 xp points = common incubator
5,000 xp points = rare incubator
25,000 xp points= epic incubator
35,000 xp points = premium incubator.
They can come in bundle of 50 xp, 250 xp, 500 xp, 1,000 xp, 2,500 xp, 5,000 xp, 10,000 xp, 15,000 xp, 20,000 xp, 25,000 xp, 30,000 xp, 35,000 xp and all the way up to 50 or 100,000 xp.

This was a really good idea @Drewidian.

I know this seems like it would make getting dna too easy but they give away these incubators every week and to get a preminum incubator this way would take a month and this is only unlocked at level 20 and players 19 and below get them same old fashioned way. This would just be special for veterans because the game is going towards newer players.

I’m only level 15 so don’t say I’m just benefiting myself. (talking to everyone, not @Drewidian)

I was thinking that the XP could be banked and traded as and when the player has enough saved they can trade then in to get the rewards, the more you save the better the rewards, it’s just an idea.

I really like this idea. Just hit level 20 today!