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An Idea I Made: Amber


So amber would be a new resource you get from completing daily missions, the 10 KO arena incubator, and your free incubator you get every 6 hours. (And of course you can buy it for irl money) Here’s how it works:

Amber is able to be used to replace any dinosaurs dna. It can not be used directly for hybrid DNA however. So the rate would be as follows; 50 Amber = 500 Common DNA, 100 Amber = 200 Rare DNA, 200 Amber = 100 Epic DNA.

Now this may seem a bit unbalanced at first, but the rate at which you get amber would be fairly slow. It would probably take you a few days to get 200 Amber, and it would be easier at higher levels. The amount of Amber you get from completing every mission or doing the 10 KO incubator would be 5x your level (Level 20 gets 100). For the free incubator it would only be 1x your level (Level 20 gets 20).

This adds much more incentive to be active. Collecting free incubators, battling in the arena, and doing missions. It all allows you to progress faster. BUT, to avoid abuse of the system, you’d be limited in how many times you can transfer Amber to DNA every day. Levels 1-9 can do it once per day, levels 10-19 can do it two times per day, and level 20 can do it 3 times per day.

And there’s even benefits for VIP Users. You can fuse 2x the amount of a normal player per day, get double the amber from free incubators, and 50% more from missions and the 10 KO incubator.

I know that was a lot to read, but this is an idea I’ve had for a while now and really like. It benefits everyone. Ludia makes money from those who buy amber, f2p players have incentive to be active, high level players are satisfied with their benefits, and it’s more VIP benefits (and who doesn’t want those?). I’d love to hear feedback, so vote on the poll and comment with any ideas. Happy Holidays![poll type=regular results=always public=true]

  • Yes, I love the idea and think it’s perfect as is
  • Yes, I like the idea but it could use some tweaking
  • No, I don’t like the current idea but with some work it could be good
  • No, I don’t like the idea whatsoever and don’t think it should be implemented
  • Yes, I love the idea and think it’s perfect as is
  • Yes, I like the idea but it could use some tweaking
  • No, I don’t like the current idea but with some work it could be good
  • No, I don’t like the idea whatsoever and don’t think it should be implemented
  • Yes, I very much like the idea, but did that guy even look at his poll before he posted it?

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As I checked, I think the idea is a good one. How exactly to distribute it in an economically efficient way would take some tweeking but your outline of it isn’t bad at all. Well done.


I think this is a great idea!


Yeah idk how I messed that up. But thanks for adding your own poll. :stuck_out_tongue:


I like this idea, it’s great! :+1:


That’s a really interesting idea. A system like that could work and is very nice lore-wise. :+1:

It just needs balancing in the way you get it and the rates too but this system would be a good improvement.


What a clever idea. I also like the idea of adding incentive to VIP considering benefits do seem a bit short as opposed to not having VIP (something Ludia could consider re-exploring in general). I think maintaining a balance where the Amber doesn’t become excessively accessible so as to avoid the exploiting, but I think it has potential


Don’t know about those numbers, but the idea is very good

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I have an idea!
What’s your idea?
There could be 4 distracting moves.
First goes distracting: -25% damage
Disorienting: -50%
Debilitating: -75%
Crippling: -90%


Good idea. Something to replace the daily bird dna


Are u being sarcastic lol they already have 3 of those lol

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Even though its not called “instant cripple” anymore :sweat_smile:

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Ik, just ordering them. Being serious.


It sounds great, but the gaming companies make more from the gambling involved with random number generation loot boxes They are not going to do anything to reduce the need for people to gamble. You are basically attacking the very thing that drives revenue generation in a huge part of the video game industry. Currently, random number generation gambling generates over 30 billion dollars a year for the video game industry. Eventually, the video game industry, will lose the ability to sell loot boxes, and then maybe they might take up your idea or something similiar. Look up the Big Fish Casino ruling for more information.


Sigh. While we tend to be incredibly critical of Ludia around here it’s just plain unfair and irrelevant to attack them this way in a simple suggestion thread. They have added plenty of free DNA type things recently from daily rewards to daily incs so what you say isn’t even true as applied to this game and whether all items will be held in loot boxes only. Go salt some other thread.


How when they could possibly gain more from certain incubators/loot boxes. Pokémon Go makes billions & they use rare candy