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An idea to fix everything!

I don’t know for sure If that solution is going to Fox the entire pay-to win situation of the game but at least I try.
My idea is to completely remove boost from the game an put a new item in the game:


These Little beauties are some capsules that contain a certain amount of creature DNA, If you buy it from the shop it will give you that amount of DNA to a creature selected by the player.
There are going to be 6 version of It available in the shop, one containing 100 DNA, another Containing 250 DNA, another containing 375 DNA, another containing 500 DNA, Another containing 750 DNA and the last one containing 1250 DNA.
This capsules are going to be buyable only on every saturday and sunday and they are going to cost double the time of DNA (so If you buy the 100 DNA one, is going to cost 200 bucks or If you buy 1250 version of it, is going to be costing 2500 bucks)


Your idea is good, but there’s a simple way to fix things: separate the arenas. The boosted arena and the non boosted one


That won’t “fix things” at all :slight_smile: most people will play unboosted arena, there will be no incentive for the majority of players to buy boosts (which is a source of income for Ludia) and the game will supposedly die. I seriously doubt a lot of players are buying incubators (prices are outrageous) and VIP alone is probably not sufficient to fund the game. So in the long run that is not a solution, unless other changes are introduced as well.

The boost will get removed from the game If the DNA capsule come into the game

Thats not the way boi

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