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An idea to maybe help with strike distribution

So I had a thought regarding the strike even distribution. Every week we have people that don’t have strike events in range (especially the epic strikes) and being that many countries are on lockdown right now if it isn’t in range they can’t complete it. Even with the increased normal and VIP ranges.

So my thought is, what if somehow we were able to designate a “home” location or something in the game. And then based on that information they would be able to distribute strikes within range of those “home” locations to guarantee everyone got a chance at them.

I am not a computer programmer so I don’t know how feasible this would be but I thought it would be a good way to make sure everyone got a chance and could also help out their map distribution by knowing where people are playing. What do y’all think? And feel free to say why you think it wouldn’t be feasible or a bad idea for some reason.

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Honestly I would want them to make a joystick app for JWA so we can just use the joystick to move around while staying at home, that way, we can move to that far away epic strike or those far awa irritators and argentinosauruses.

They could do what Draconius did with those Altars or whatever they were called that you could place at your spot. I’ve suggested before about sales of personal supply drops that only the player can see and would swap what it contains every 30 minutes. That would have been ideal for the lockdown situation.

Basically modify a scent capsule to spawn drops instead.

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I just don’t like the idea of any joysticks being added (even when it’s by them). Reason being is people will get used to having them and I’m afraid once this is all over they’ll resort to non-TOS ways of the same thing and we def don’t want to encourage future spoofing at all.

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I like the idea that @Phil has brought up before… why can’t it just be a tab that you can click into to access the strike events!


Oh like some sort of thing in game? Similar to the campaign maybe.


Yes absolutely

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I’m also all for that idea. That way it leaves more room for green stops to flood the maps again.


I understand your reasoning, but I think it may be the best idea honestly. However, they can just throw the joystick app to the way they did to JPB when this pandemic is over.

Yes… I’m sorry I forgot that you have also spoken about this idea as well @Qiew

it was @Phil 's idea first. :laughing:

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I think as long as you can actually see the strike on your map, you should be able to access it from wherever you are. For the time being at least.


a tab for events would probably be easiest - to create and undo when this is over. clearly there are specific places on the map that are designated spawn points and who knows how those could get messed up if you had every player custom spawning stuff every day.

especially something like an apartment building where there could be several people doing this in a small area. unless it was sort of like a scent where only you could see it or it didn’t last very long.

yeah i’ve thought this too, but for supply drops. because on a pretty regular basis you can’t see certain strike events from your house.

I was actually thinking that the “home” base you designate didn’t even have to be an actual spawn point. Just a location so they could update their spawn points but I see your point. I do think they need some way to easier access many of these strikes though.

i’d be cool with JWTG style events all the time, lockdowns or not. just a menu in game where you can access them. then you don’t have to worry about distribution, cuz on a global scale, you’ll never make everyone happy. also we won’t have to park or stand in front of people’s houses for 10-step epic strikes, etc. we can’t reach from home

and have the geo-location part just be darting


There are so many people using gps spoof, just put the joystick in the game. No one knows how long quaratine will stay, no one knows when a second or third wave of infection will come, no one knows if JWA will be supported in one year, so who cares? Just make it available for everyone, seems to be the only way to fix it btw :wink:

@Piere87 here was my idea. Strike Tower Availability

Actually, I have good view from home, so if I can’t see strike tower then its either not in game or is one of those extremely rare and hidden ones.

I would love if that you finished a strike it would be replaced by another from the same day in 10-30 minutes.