An important question for Ludia

So after the first of the new alliance tournaments it’s clear that some alliances swapped in alt accounts to bump up their participation and takedown bonuses.

Are Ludia ok with this?


Is the silence a sign that Ludia don’t want to answer?

Or is the lack of a response simply down to Ludia not knowing what to say?

For the sake of the players surely a response is in order here Ludia.

Should all alliances be asking their members to set up second accounts in order to get them all to enter those accounts in order to claim the extra participation bonus?


By now they had to have been aware of the posts about this. Either they don’t know or don’t care. I’m kinda surprised they haven’t addressed it, but in the same light I’m not surprised…


If anything, they’re probably working on solutions for this, which they will reveal when the next tournament goes live, or maybe they’ll wait until the season is over, if it takes too long to finish or they don’t want to change the game mid-season. I assume they just haven’t said anything, for one of a variety of reasons.

Hey everyone, I’ve forwarded the question to our team. I’ll see if I can get some information for you all. :sweat_smile:


thanks ned.

Thanks Ned, we are really looking forward to seeing their answer :+1:


Thank you. Have you guys seen the other posts? If so why didn’t someone post in it to make us aware that you knew what was going on?


cricket sounds


Alt accounts = inflated app download numbers and active user accounts. Why wouldn’t they approve of their use :neutral_face:


Why am I not surprised…

While at it. Would you please try to get an answer of how the point system is supposed to work? The math clearly ain’t holding up for the greater levels (1,250,000!) :laughing:


Any answer yet Ned?

Hey Schtemty, not at the moment, but our team has been informed about the concerns.


Ok Ned, I understand, and I do appreciate your effort.

But if alliances are going to encourage their members to set up alt accounts in order to get more participation and takedown bonuses, they need to know sooner rather than later.

After all they will need to hit 2000 trophies to be able to do this, and that will take time.

I’m guessing this is something the powers that be didn’t think about when the alliance tournaments came out, and they are trying to figure out their response now it’s come to light.

However, I’m sure they must appreciate that the players are very keen to know what is acceptable and what isn’t before moving forward.

I’ll keep bumping this thread until we get an answer if that’s ok.

Thank you



Any infos yet? :slight_smile:


It’s possible they did; apparently the 1.25 million target was set having analysed the activity of a number of top alliances and they believe it is achievable - this activity would presumably have included alts swapping in and out. They have also confirmed alt accounts do not breach the TOS.


Remember when they tried to do the global challenge the way Niantic did with pokemon go? The limits were so ridiculous for the size of the player base that they either have no idea about any analytics, or believe everyone will play 24/7. Niantic, I would believe, looked at statistics and then generated a model that was achievable by increasing it by, say, 20%. Ghetto Niantic (Ludia) most likely put some numbers in a hat and 1.25 million was pulled, and then they went back to foosball.


Hey there @PQC
is there any official statement you are referring to? “they also conformed alt accounts do not breach the TOS”
Sure alt accounts are no bad thing, but to use those points to have an advantage over others might be. Have they come out and said that this was intended like that?