An improvement to Pterosaurs

I’ve been a fan of pterosaurs since their introduction and have used at least one in my main team as a matter of pride. Now, after some good fortune with the Brachiosaur epic strike tower, I have every pterosaur in the game.

Even though 1.5 brought significant improvements to them with the speed increases and new abilities, they have one glaring issue in my opinion - their binding duration.

When they were first introduced, they were made out to be swap in specialists. However in 1.5, they are being shown up by a grumpy toad with anger issues. The Dracorex Gen 2 is only bound for one turn yet the so called “specialists” are bound for 2 despite not having the health to survive that long.

I think reducing the binding duration for pterosaurs to 1 turn would make them more viable and actually encourage people to use their swap in abilities as part of a strategy rather than throwing them into the ring as a sacrifice.

Any thoughts?

They don’t need any buffing, Draco Gen 2 does need a Nerf.

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My problem is that pterosaurs just aren’t that good in general, bar one or two. Sure, swap in defence abilities are nice but compare the stats and abilities against other dinosaurs and hybrids, and pterosaurs are not worth it in my opinion.

The legendary one is pretty good leveled up got her at 22 so far

The majority of pterosaurs are dead in the air, too slow, can’t survive for more than 2 hits, and like you say bound too long to be able to swap-in/out effectively.

The majority of everything is dead. You see Pteranodon as much as Rajasaurus - none.