An interesting 5 min match


Just got matched up with this team. His pick of the litter was Erlidomimus, Indoraptor, Trykosaurus, and Rajakylosaurus. My four starters being Monostegotops (17), Stegoceratops (21), Utasinoraptor (18), and a Gorgosuchus (18). By some divine miracle of strategy and lots of luck, I won the match. What are the odds that a stegoceratops could hit 4 stuns in a row? If I were him, I probably wouldn’t even accept my friend request either :joy:

be not afraid of uniques


“Omg Calebrys is a bot! Calebrys is a hacker!”

That’s probably what the other player was thinking. Then they got a friend request from you and probably thought the computer AI became self aware and wanted to make friends of its own.


I beat a guy with indom, indo and tryk. Got lucky and stegod took indo out fast and then dbl crit indom :joy:


The bots AI are evolving and getting smarter

friend request status: still pending :scream:


Don’t you just love how the gorgosuchus fights it’s great when mine goes against another one

It’s like a prehistoric cat fight


Are we trying to get SKYNET?

Cuz, that’s how we get Skynet!


i have, quite literally, made cat yowling sounds during those fights!


I love the scratching sounds the attack makes


i now wanna go into battle…but i can’t. i mean, i COULD, but i have full incubators and 7 and a half hours left on a 24 hour incubator.

Canna wait for that baby to open…always get a ton of DNA from those.


We are waaaay past that! Sky net became self aware in August of 1997! Now we have to look out for sky nets daughter is about to turn 21 and when those crazy AI gets drunk it’s trouble!


I still cannot figure out why Skynet 1.0 looks like…the Doctor…