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An interesting question for us to ponder!


If after the tournament is over will we all return to what we were before the reset!

This is a very important question because if we don’t the battle system is irrevocably destroyed and it can never be fixed. It won’t matter what trophies we have after the tournament because we will all be completely mismatched forever! There will be 5000 trophies players slamming 4000 trophies players because all the 5000 was able to achieve was 4200!

If the top 500 players all have over 5000 who will they fight now!

Was there any word from ludia that I missed about this?


I believe they did mention how there will always be a reset before a tournament but I don’t know if they mentioned a reset directly after a tournament.

The whole reason they capped trophies before the tournament was because people were already getting out of hand with ranking, so I think they are aware of the issue and will always reset to give everyone equal footing and not make it a race that you can’t win if you didn’t start on day 1.


Here is the biggest problem with the way they did this and why it needs to be changed in the future! Someone at 5000 before the reset have a Porsche! People at 3500 have a Toyota Corolla!

That is not a fair race! If they say the ones with the Corolla need to get it better to compete I say ok!

The problem is the mechanics of the game makes it take forever to get that better car or dinosaurs


I don’t know that I agree that that’s a problem.

The fact is, people have paid thousands of dollars on this game. Everyone cannot be number 1 or in the top 10 or the top 500 even. At some point, in highly competitive games, everyone can’t be at the top.

The solution to your problem would be to reset everyones dinos as well. Or to level out all dinos in battle, but both of these remove the incentive to level UP dinos. But both of these remove a core element of the game.


I understand what you’re saying but I don’t think resetting rank alone is enough to help the tournament situation. I think the only way to solve EVERY problem is to make the tournament separate and voluntary and to give every dinosaur in it a set level, like with the friendly battles. THEN everyone is on more equal footing, even though some people will always have legendaries while others won’t – still, having them all at the same level would make it more approachable.


Does it tho?

You think having a level 27 Stegodeus would really help you against a Level 27 Trykosaurus and level 27 Diorajsaurus. Like… those uniques are NASTY. If I were playing in that style, I’d focus all my time/resources on just UNLOCKING all the dinos to use them on a super overpowered team.


I think there is a new Arena coming. Possibly at 5000.

Id prefer a reset of those above 5000 to 5000. Bunching everyone together made many people unhappy. Only the elites need a starting gate.


What they need to do is remove the 5000 cap that was there before the tournament and any one 5000 and over can stay but everyone else goes back where they were pre tournament! Adding another arena would be good for those that were at 5000


I mean I’d personally rather use a level 27 Stegodeus against a level 27 Tryk than my level 23 Stegodeus against a level 27 Tryk which is what’s going to happen if there’s another reset lol.


I’m just saying, the tryk wins every time, regardless of equal or higher level. It’s built into the meta to be that way. It’s just not ideal in either case and both cases don’t reward you for leveling, only for unlocking.


Exactly!! That way all the Porsche’s will be racing other Porsche’s instead of destroying my factory Toyota Corolla!

Before the tournament at 4280 I was slowly advancing but I never had as many losses in a row as I did during the tournament! I can see by many of the threads since tournament began I am alone

Eventually I will have my Porsche but by than there will be Lamborghinis to deal with :joy::joy:


I think they way to solve this issue is to create a tier or league system within the tournament. Think of football. Every football season is the equivalent to a tournament. There are various leagues to seperate the abilities of the various teams. At the end of every season/tournament all teams points are reset. A certain number of teams move between leagues/tiers. Some move up based on the seasons/tournament performance, others move down.

Creating tiers of leagues with prizes tiered in same way creates incentive for everyone. So if you are in the Premier league (top 500) then you fight with the big boys for the big prizes. If you are league below finishing top gives you a prize not quite as good or on par with bottom of tier above.

At the start of the ‘race’ you start with teams in same tier. With the hope to maximise the chances of getting the best reward available that season and progressing to the next tier.


Dragonite should just fly in and destroy the leaderboard. He passes for a dino.


Resets don’t really matter after a couple days. The Porsche’s will race out ahead with the Ferraris and the Corollas will end up being grouped with Camaros and Accords.

Upon reset an average player will play against great teams and lose most of them. But they will also play below average teams and win. And if you lose 10 in a row to start, then you will be at 3,200 and start winning 50% again. Everyone is going to reach equilibrium and win/lose 50% of the time. It’s just the 10 battle losing streaks that get people salty especially since they “forget” about the 10 battle winning streaks.