An Invite All button

It’s kind of tiresome to scroll through the friend’s list while looking for people to invite to raids.

Would it be at all possible, in a future update, to include an “Invite All”, “Invite Alliance Only”, and/or an “Invite All Non-Alliance” button for whoever gets to host the Raids?

Would make the entire process a little easier and faster to setup.


It would certainly be helpful, I would like it anyways, and possibly other people


I agree that this would be very helpful. I’d at least like an option to invite all of my online friends and/or alliance members to a raid.


It’d also make dealing with a glitches out friend’s list a little easier

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This would be very nice, I would also add that when you are expelled from a boss raid for not having a level creature for said boss, it does not appear as if you have abandoned the raid, when it has not been like that, why have you expelled, and you are left as that you were the one who abandoned the raid.