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An observation about daily incubators

Just opened mine. It gave me a +4 boost to each stat.

In the announcement thread, it’s stated that we’ll be able to go up one tier per week.

4*7 is 28 from DBIs, so, it’s 72 missing. We’ll have strikes providing further bonuses, but please don’t tell me that in your grand scheme of things you didn’t mean:

  • 28 from DBIs
  • 25 from a strike tower
  • 50 from spending 1K hard cash in the shop

You clearly meant that there’s way to obtain 100 points in each stat per week, WITHOUT forking out a dime. Is this correct?

(and yes I know that they said that there are other ways, but it’s just too vague. I want data, and an official answer)


No, not EACH stat. Just one stat. (and just add the “on average” words to that line, so that it all makes sense).

Ok, it’s one stat, but still it doesn’t add up:

28 from DBIs
7 (more or less) from 15 minutes incubators (yay)
25 from a strike tower (today was the proof)

the total is 60 for 1 stat, and 35 for the other two. It appears to me that we’re waaaaaay away from that “on average” (also, the average of a constant is the constant itself, so, we’re constantly getting 60/35/35 per week unless we pay)

This means that the progression is 1 tier in each stat in more or less 3 weeks for a single dino. You have 8 dinos in your roster, so, to advance all of them 2 levels in each stat you need a year, unless of course you pay.

@LudiaDevelopers: please provide a proper list of ways to upgrade from tier to tier without paying. Thank you.

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Why do you want 3 stats per week when it was advertised as 1?
60/35/35 times 3 is 3 stats in 3 weeks. So 1 per week!

1 stat per week means 100 points in a single stat in a given week, not 60 or 35. Thus, it’s false advertisment.

Also, I don’t understand why you keep answering. I asked for an official answer, so, unless you’re “official”, you’re not giving me the information I’m asking, which is a precise list of methods to gain boosts and how we could reach a single stat level bonus in a single week without paying.

Sorry for nitpicking, but I had plenty of this company’s foggy wording, incompetent behaviour, false promises, and methods to force on you pay-per-win techniques. So, I wanna have official answers from now on, or clear statements in the announcement thread.