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An observation I never thought I’d make!

This weekends tourney is a skill based one with the best creatures other than apex, and for me it sucks.

Is it because the skill tourney formula is so stale now?

Or that I’ll never win a speed tie?

Or that the predictability of a swap in is just so meh?

I don’t know, but I was kind of looking forward to this one as I thought it would take me back to the pre boost days. A time of pure skill rather than who has the most boosts. Well I’m here to say something that I never thought I would be saying - I think the battling is crap without boosts!

I was so vociferous with my condemnation of boosts when they were added, but I honestly think I was wrong. I would have stopped playing ages ago if boosts weren’t a thing. How long can exactly the same creatures with exactly the same moves, speed, attack and defence keep you stimulated? About ten minutes for me with this tourney is my answer. As dull as dishwater, I can’t remember the last time I was this bored with a tourney. Well actually I can, it was the last skill tourney! But that wasn’t t quite so boring as it was using less used creatures I suppose.

So I will say it, boosts were the best thing Ludia ever did for this game. They aren’t perfect, but I take back everything bad I ever said about them.


It seems easy. I haven’t lost a match and I’m at 1070 trophies. I wouldn’t say dull but it probably gets repetitive after playing more. Which I probably won’t.
I kinda like the absence of apexes and overboosted legendaries, so it’s really about knowing how to play the pool of uniques in the game.
I agree with what you say about boosts. They bring variety into the game, but not having the option to buy many or shuffle them around as you please makes you hit a wall in the arena. Without boosts, like this tournament, your skill can determine your high score.
Speed boosts are still dumb though. As well as anything that’s overboosted on 1 stat. That for me has never been fun or never will.

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Most of us do not want Boosts to be removed.We want Boosts 3.0 with the thought on the game.
They just implemented them bad.(or with having in mind only money and not the actually impact on the game)
They should remodel the system of the boosts and how you can acquire them.


This is a half agree with you half disagree scenario for me. I think the boosts added something with regard to how everything functions and that was a positive but it still hurts the arena more than it helps by making variety virtually impossible. People keep saying what a disaster it would be to let us shuffle boosts every so often but the 1 thing I have seen in this tournament is a lot of different dinos being utilized and that’s a plus to me

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I’m actually doing well on this for a change, but I am still sick and tired of the swap in rhino. In normal arena, she goes down well to my regular team members, but on even grounds? She escapes most dinos, and of course, is yet another swapper with swap resistance (which negates the entire point of having No Escape to counter them).

I’m so torn on boosts, because yes, they frustrate me, but I’m starting to see that it’s the way the speed boosts are handled that frustrate me. I don’t see why Thor should have a max speed of 145, but my Carnotarkus can’t increase her health to something stupid like 9kHP. Scale the speed boosts in the same way, and I’d say they add something to the arena.


Sadly, I doubt Ludia cares about money. If they did they would be having more cash grabs rather than letting arena rot.

They would be selling boosts harder, making arena more power dependent less skill so people will keep buying to raise their team.

They actually would listen to players actually buying stuff instead of listening to those who spent money once and demand huge changes.

I find it really easy and great. Much easier to win than with boosts.

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I find it acceptable but still too much like arena so not exactly motivated to play arena without boosts when it’s the same thing but with speed ties and less everything.

If I wasn’t so jaded from arena and my alliance need AP, I would try this tourney out. If nothing to see my actual skill level.

I respect your opinion, but I have to say I fully disagree. This tourney showed me what the arena could look like without boosts and it made me hate them when I never hated them in the first place.

With this tourney it finally feels like a fair fight and not who’s got more money for boosts fight. It feels fresh to have a system in which you know what to expect. The regular arena is just one big chaos at the moment.

Yes, I agree that boosts make the arena more diverse, however, they create monsters. It’s been such a relief this weekend not facing overboosted thors and mortems. There’s finally some fairness to it.

But sadly, boosts are a part of the game, and even though they make it fresh, they also cause a ton of problems.

It would be cool to limit them somehow. For example each class could be unable to have one of the stats boosted, which is supposed to be their weakness. Fierce creatures should be unable to boost speed, cunnings health and resilients attack. Just an idea off the top of my head, but it would bring some balance I think.

Bottom line, love love loooove this tournament and I’ll take speedties over overboosted monsters anytime.


As I’ve been playing since June 2018 it doesn’t feel like it’s ‘who spends the most’ as the free boosts add up over time. And this is the reward for longer term players I guess.

Although I haven’t got Max boosted 30’s I do have quite a few on the new apex dinos, and hold my own at 5200 on my main and have 2 more accounts at just over 5000.

I enjoy choosing where to put the boosts and having a team that does ok. Perhaps because I play in 3 accounts the skill tourney is boring for me, I don’t know.

I’m seeing the usual speed tie issues.
On equal footing I’m seeing my button mashing opponent spamming first move, and I’m winning the match unfairly. Otherwise I’m accepting the hit, and losing the speed tie due to location.
At least speed boosts remove most of that.

It’s tiresome.

How is it a fair fight when you can’t win a speed.tie unless you have a better Internet connection and live in North America? Seems more unfair to me. Since it gives a speed.boost to every Canadian whose family or themselves spent money to live in Canada.

I find these tourneys arena lite. A break from your own team and a test of your skill assuming you dun have to navigate speed ties and just horrid team selections.

Boosts no longer show who has the most money but who planned the best. If you boost badly, you still lose like crazy even at maxxed boost.


I don’t know how anyone can enjoy this for longer than a day. Boosts made the arena much more fun and diverse with all the various builds.

I can understand. You have good strategy but limited boosts so you have only 8 things boosted. These tourneys bring a chance to experiment and learn strat.

I love these unique skill tournaments and wish they lasted longer or I had more time for them. These tourneys remind me that I’m actually good at battling.

Mostly agree but not 100%
It would be awful having to deal with speedties everyday in the normal arena, it’s not something I’m good at as well. I gotta say at least half of my loses in the tournament are caused by speedties, I’d imagine if I have a newer device and live closer to headquarters how much better I wouldve done in this tourney.
However speedties is my second most hated thing from the game, because my no.1 hated thing are nitro thors, which are caused by boosts.
Problem with boosts is that many mid game players (which is probably most of us) choose to spend boosts unevenly on their creatures making some creatures like thor monstrous while the rest of the team fights like chicken. And since monster thor is a trend almost everyone does it. If monster thors (and mono) doesnt exist, I would 100% agree with your post.

I’ve also changed my opinion on boosts a while ago, even though I still think it could be done better. But in case of this tournament, it goes beyond that… What makes it suck is that you keep facing the same creatures, few variations among tons of options. Those who try to do things differently are destined to get their butts kicked by the same old OP freaks. It reminds me of the arena, and we all know how FUN the arena is… The fact that we have so many creatures with 20% crit or more also makes it worse… One of them gets the crit and that’s it. The other is probably screwed. RNG plays an even bigger role with meta creatures…

I’m in Europe and I win and lose the speed ties 50/50, or find a way around them… I know it could always be more fair, like having speed ties decided by a rock paper scissors system, but the fact is that at the current state of the game, this tournament is the most fair you can get