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An Ode to Nodopatotitan

Am I the only one that wishes nodopatotitan was an actual viable option for a big Dino in the game. It sucks because it’s so big but that’s basically the only good thing going for it. Maybe decelerating immunity or DOT immune would help it age well in the game. Just a thought


It has Bellow, that is a great setup move.

Noodle approves.

Though I think it deserves decelerating rampage since Giraffatitan has rampage and Nodopatosaurus has the decel impact.


It does but that’s about it. It’s critical rating is nowhere near bracy or argent it would be nice to see something happen with it.

Critical rating? So don’t rely on getting a crit. It is not a chomper, it is a tank. It can be multi-purpose and it can serve well. I find many opponents use their creatures with a single purpose. This one only does this, that one only does that… When it comes in you know exactly the way they are going to play it as everyone plays it the same way. Especially when they are few levels higher, they do not even think you will stand a chance.

Many creatures can serve multiple purposes and fill several niches. And, using creatures that are non-meta will confuse many opponents. They are not sure exactly how you are going to play it. You can play a creature, let your opponent think they are playing offence and turn the tide on them. Set them back on their heels for a moment then take charge. They are so used to playing their game that they will not be able to figure out how to recover.

And…… Sometimes it backfires and they really are too strong and higher level for ya, and you lose big time!

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I might aswell try to rewrite this creature to give this awesome looking sauropod superhybrid what it deserves.

Hp: 5550
Dmg: 1000
Speed: 108
Armor: 30%
Critical: 20%

-Pinning Strike
-Decelerating Impact
-Decelerating Rampage
-Long Protection

Swap In Slow
Minimal Counter-Attack

Honestly wish they’d rework sauropods like they did ceratopsians. Like, even though I’m not a huge fan of the rework for ceratopsians, at least they have a clearer role in the meta (swap in stun and dig in) which ties them together.

Sauropods on the whole are just tanks with middling attack power, high health, and can be bled to death without issue. The only real reason Gemini and Max are at the top of the food chain is their immunity plus deceleration moves give them the unique position of being slowing machines that can’t be bled out and don’t suffer from speed exchange. If they slow you, you’re gonna remain slower until they fall. And both still needed an instant move to ensure survivability.

Tanks with counter attacks (.5 or 1x – not .25) work better (Miragaia, Dsungaia, Rajakylo, Dioraja, Trykosaurus, Ankyntrosaurus). Tanks with higher damage work better (Stegodeus, Tragodistis). Sauropods are like… not great at any one thing (save the two uniques which are probably too powerful - and this from an avid sauropod fan).

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I’m also a sauropod fan hence the profile